The media will run this up and down and sideways, unless it interferes with a narrative, in which case it will quickly disappear. Their coverage, their endless obsession with the shooter, will plant the seed in the brain of the next unhinged loser, and the cycle will continue. I’m sure, as we speak, the media are looking for narratives: did he buy the gun at a gun show in Arizona? God help us if he did. California has all the gun laws the antis could dream of, but that will go unmentioned. There will always be a pretext for needing more of the cake.

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  1. It breaks the narrative in one way already, as the shooter was not white.

    It also could break the narrative in another way, since the shooting was in the gun-control “utopia” of Commiefornia.

    To fit the narrative, the press will make some note of it, mostly by lumping it in with other shootings. It will get mentioned in passing, as part of a list. But never be the subject of intense focus.

    How much focus has there been on the Dayton Ohio shooting? Almost none compared to the El Paso shooting. Same reasons.

  2. The comments with that story are worth looking over. The pro-gun and anti-gun people both are saying not a single thing that is new. If the best we got is suggesting that the media reporting on shootings causes other shootings, we have a real problem.

    1. I agree with what you said; “If the best we got is suggesting that the media reporting on shootings causes other shootings, we have a real problem”.

      Guns in school were a common thing until the 1990’s. Shotgun and Rifle Clubs, and no mass-school-shootings then. They didn’t start until the late 1990’s.

      That is what our side needs to emphasize, but those facts take time to present, and a hostile Politburo Propaganda Machine is doing a lot of damage to us, so the media deifying these school shootings is absolutely a factor in more of them happening.

  3. Why? It’s a local crime story. Same thing but slightly different happened near a school in Baltimore and Chicago and St Louis recently, certainly. Didn’t hear about that.

  4. FWIW: Early today when the story first broke, I got the feeling the cable channels were glad to have an excuse not to talk about impeachment for awhile. But I clicked around the channels over the past hour, and they were all back to impeachment, like the shooting never happened. I only saw CNN give about a five minute update.

    Maybe the newsworthiness of shootings really has exhausted itself. Not that I think no one will belabor the issue, but maybe it is true that no one is left with anything to say that is new, so they’re tired of saying it.

    It appears one narrative that was broken was, the crime was committed with a handgun, not an AR-15 and apparently the shooter didn’t have too many rounds. (?)

  5. From what I heard on TV while sitting in the hospital waiting for an x-ray of my hand the shooter was 16, had a 1911, which there’s no way he bought legally at 5hat age, and shot himself in the head after shooting 6 or 7 kids.
    They thought he was one of the victims until they replayed the survelance footage.

    BTW, did anyone know you can possibly break fingers taking off a backpack? Not even a big one, one the size kids wear to school?
    I didn’t until last Saturday….

  6. Too bad NRA’s school shield program has been effectively abandoned.

    In a nation of 350M people these crimes will happen. Something must be done ™. O it’d be nice if our side had a real course of action ready to go.

    1. “Too bad NRA’s school shield program has been effectively abandoned.”

      According to anti sources last year, the NRA had spent only 0.7 percent of its annual budget on School Shield grants, and that to only three schools, and only in one year.

      If that’s anywhere near true it was probably only a PR gesture that wasn’t pursued aggressively; part of the mismanagement that has plagued recent years.

      Anyone who can point to better sourced data, please do so,

      1. Here is an AP article on NRA funding for schools. However, it is money for competitive shooting and JROTC programs. School Shield is not mentioned.

        I searched for stories of schools receiving School Shield grants and found this. The amounts sound relatively petty to me, and feed my suspicions of a PR motive.

        It appears early in 2018 the NRA was being gigged for not actively supporting School Shield. Then later in 2018 there was a flurry of stories about $600,000 being granted. But again, that doesn’t sound like it amounted to much on a per-school basis.

        Sorry if I sound too suspicious of a fundamentally sound idea, but a lifetime of experience has left me that way. It sounds like less was spent on School Shield than on Pepe La Pew’s suits. Funny how those things work.

  7. Aren’t we offending the prison population with terms like “BOHICA”?

    In any case, I am not sure that acquiescence here is the best strategy.

    Anyway, I think this will conflict with the impeachment narrative and will soon disappear from the news cycle.

  8. “Aren’t we offending the prison population with terms like ‘BOHICA’?”

    Not to mention Navy veterans. ;-)

  9. Is this the new title for the blog? Are you adding JOE!!! and HOLYSHawn! as assistant editors?

    I just checked and is NOT taken so you are in luck!

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