Do I Dare Say Anything?

Millions Mourn As Rocker/Activist Ted Nugent, Age 68, Found Alive

Not that I’m complaining, but I feel like I’m not really seeing Ted Nugent’s name in the news lately. Not that I want to jinx it. Maybe it’s like Beetlejuice: don’t say his name three times.

7 thoughts on “Do I Dare Say Anything?”

    1. Yes, Ted is on our side. Agreed. However that does not mean that he is helping our side. Sorry, but he likes to preach to the choir so to speak. He does NOT help in getting new people onto our side and alienates many moderate people due to his language and viewpoints. Telling Obama to “Suck on my machine gun” did NOT help our side or get us any newbies on our side.

    2. Ted is “on our side.” He also appears to be a pretty horrible person. It would be nice if he would stop “helping” us.

    3. “Ted’s on our side”

      Bullshit. Just fucking bullshit!

      Pardon my French, but like the rest of his ilk, Nugent is only on one side, his own, and naive people who fall for their bullshit just piss me off, because guys like Nugent contribute less than nothing to the pro-gun battle. “Less” because they drive away serious supporters while contributing nothing but simple-assed rhetoric and asshole bravado. Tell me what exactly Nugent did while on the NRA board? I doubt he showed up often enough to fart up a chair cushion. Didn’t they have to pay him to show up to draw assholes to the National Meetings?

      With that cited “High Times” interview he claims he lied to the reporter about shitting his pants before going for his draft physical. So, who else has he been lying to, now that’s he’s switched sides and gone from being a lying coward draft-dodger to being a fire-breathing “conservative?” And if he was lying about shitting his pants, just exactly how did he beat the draft? I can think of somebody who calls that kind of stuff Fake News.

      I wonder now if he was lying when he told that story about machine gunning a couple hundred pigs from a helicopter? Now there’s a mental image sure to win the hearts of gun owners who were brought to our side by sport hunting, and to otherwise win the admiration of the general public for our issue. I wonder why he evaded the chance to go to Vietnam and do some helicopter machine gunning that might have done his country some good?

  1. He’s been all over the news lately. He just kicked off a new world tour and released either a new custom guitar or string set I saw an article about in a guitar news blog. He’s been too busy at his day job to make political news lately, something I’m glad to see.

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