And Here I am Without Champagne

Lautenberg is dead. I’m not going to mourn or say nice things about a Senator who made a career out of pissing on individual freedom and liberty, and trying to be everyone’s friggin mother. There was hardly a nanny law passed into existence that he either didn’t spearhead or sponsor. I don’t mourn the passing of tyrants who want to control everyone’s lives. Christie gets to name a successor, at least until a special election, so it looks like he’ll be running with a Senate candidate. His own personal popularity could help flip that seat to the R-column, at least temporarily.

23 thoughts on “And Here I am Without Champagne”

  1. I am not celebrating, but I will not mourn either.

    I don’t trust Christie. PERIOD.

    1. Just having an R behind their name doesn’t make me trust anyone. We’ve been burned and pissed on too many times by elephants and donkeys.

  2. The world just became a slightly better place. Hopefully Feinstein, Boxer and Schumer aren’t far behind…

    1. Feinstien I’ll celebrate. I’ll make a special trip to the range that day. I’ll bring someone with no experience with guns have a nice time teaching basic safety and usage.

  3. The title I always use for such announcements is, “Satan Called Another One Home.”

  4. I don’t believe the death of any person should be celebrated. I greatly disagreed with the man’s politics, and I hope that, as a nation, we’ll be better off without someone like him in office, but even God does not rejoice in the destruction of the wicked. That said, may God have mercy on his soul – he may need it.

  5. I shall weep nor mourn this wretches demise. the worms shall not even consume his vile corpse. Long shall he rot.

  6. They say if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. So, I’ll say this in the nicest way I can.

    May his brothers in arms who’ve passed and are looking down, mourn his passing.
    May his compatriots who’ve passed and are looking up, welcome him home.

  7. I’m going to be the bad guy here. Yes, Frank died. Besides being a Senator who was not friendly towards gun rights he was a father, husband, grandfather and many things to many people. There are few reasons to celebrate a death, and this is not one of them. There are many people grieving at a mans passing. We’re better than them, we’re not the people who wish ill things upon other nor do we dance on grave. That’s their thing, not ours.

    Yes, fat Chris will appoint someone to hold the seat for the next 18 months. The key is appointing someone who can win the seat in 2014, when the term expires.

    1. Doesn’t make you the bad guy. It’s the good thing to do.

      On the religious issue, just looking at it academically, I take a rather opposite approach to some commenters. I don’t think Lautenberg has much to atone, from a religious perspective. I doubt he’s roasting in hell right now because he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. The Jews have a concept “not in Heaven,” which I think applies here. My argument with Lautenberg is largely of this world, not the next. I don’t wish on him eternal damnation and I’m sure he’s in a better place now.

      But I also am pleased to be able to help influence man’s law without the likes of him around.

      1. What makes you think that God wants bad people to do bad things on this earth? What makes you think that God does not take sides or that He thinks Lautenberg was a good person? Didn’t God help David kill Goliath? Of course He did.

        I believe that some purposes and causes are furthering the aims and goals for this world’s people that God favors, and that our uniquely American experience of freedom and liberty is very definitely God’s plan. We did not win our freedom without God’s help and direct intervention in so many ways. You need to read about how exactly we actually won our Independence. It was not all Bunker Hill and Yorktown and parades and hot dogs and apple pie. There was a lot more to it and we almost lost it on dozens of occasions. Even the Yorktown victory was not the end of the war and we almost lost the war several times after that. Read the book The Perils of Peace. It describes exactly what it took to actually get the British to declare us independent and to evacuate their forces from the United States. Every time we thought we had won some important point or battle, the tide would turn surely against us. But we persevered and in the end we got our Treaty and our freedom. You can’t read that book and not come away with the conclusion that God definitely had a plan for America and He stuck to His plan and saw us through. Our victory over the British, and our freedom itself, is due to Divine Providence. I am sure of that.

        When men come up on the scene who work against all that God wanted for us, why shouldn’t we celebrate that person’s death, particularly when none of us laid a hand on him or directly killed him? I’ve got a small bottle of Asti that I picked up at the State Store on the way home, and I indeed will celebrate that terrible man’s death.

  8. It’s a lot easier to overturn a bad law when the namesake isn’t around to be trotted out.

  9. Ideas don’t die with people. Someone else will become the new Lautenberg, just as someone else is always in line to become the new #2 Al Queda leader every time our military kills the current #2.

    1. Actually for me this is another example of being “politically homeless.” I was far from a fan of Lautenberg, but I am aware that he did stand for a thing or two I support. But if he had been my senator, I never would have voted for him, because of all the other poison pills I’d have needed to swallow, to support those few things.

      Unfortunately many of our pro-gun guys give me the same problem. When I vote, lots of levers for lots of offices go unpulled. And issues have to be very clearly balanced before I will make a purely “tactical” vote.

      I know the easy answer among our crowd is, always support the guy who is pro-gun over all else. My trouble is, I believe liberty is a package deal, and if someone’s commitment to liberty is suspect for “Issue A,” their commitment to liberty on “Issue B” (or “Issue RKBA”) is suspect too.

  10. they could really make a dent in the national debt if they sold tixs to piss on his grave for $20 a pop . . . . . just saying

  11. Nothing but condolences to his family. He, on the other hand, will not be mourned or missed by me.

  12. It seems to me that this topic is greatly divided as to Lauty, some even middle of the road as to their opinions. Having only visited NJ for a few days, I know that Lauty did not care for the people of NJ as I was surrounded by triple layer industrial smog and a stench that overwhelmed me. If Lauty was so concerned for his fellow man He would have done something about the ” Garden ” state. Instead He lounged in Washington, an equally pungent cess pool amassing a fortune from lobbyist. I shall not shed a tear for Lauty, but will gladly wait in the long line of people that wish to piss on his grave.

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