Bearing Arms Worth Reading Again

Cam Edwards is the new editor. After Bob Owens unfortunate suicide, I wasn’t much of a follower. It remained on my RSS feed, but I usually just passed it by. Now I will be reading regularly and linking when I’m actually blogging about things. I think Cam will definitely give the site a new, better direction.

Cam was one of the good people caught up in the awful shitty mess going on at NRA, so I’m glad to see he landed somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Bearing Arms Worth Reading Again”

  1. That is great!

    I think after Bob sadly took his life, it took awhile for to find a good person with a good voice. Tom Knighton actually did a great job once he got going. I’ve been reading his articles and enjoying them for awhile.

    I’m happy to see how Cam adds his voice in.

    1. He certainly got much better, but he was never Bob’s replacement. Cam won’t be either, but I think Cam will bring his own take and style, which I’ve always liked.

  2. Cam has always done a great job. This is indeed great news.

    After Bob Owens passed, Jenn Jacques was sacked from Townhall/Bearing Arms. This did not set well with me and I’ve never heard an explanation of why this occurred.

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