Bearing Arms Worth Reading Again

Cam Edwards is the new editor. After Bob Owens unfortunate suicide, I wasn’t much of a follower. It remained on my RSS feed, but I usually just passed it by. Now I will be reading regularly and linking when I’m actually blogging about things. I think Cam will definitely give the site a new, better direction.

Cam was one of the good people caught up in the awful shitty mess going on at NRA, so I’m glad to see he landed somewhere.

3 Responses to “Bearing Arms Worth Reading Again”

  1. Patrick Henry, the 2nd says:

    That is great!

    I think after Bob sadly took his life, it took awhile for to find a good person with a good voice. Tom Knighton actually did a great job once he got going. I’ve been reading his articles and enjoying them for awhile.

    I’m happy to see how Cam adds his voice in.

    • Sebastian says:

      He certainly got much better, but he was never Bob’s replacement. Cam won’t be either, but I think Cam will bring his own take and style, which I’ve always liked.

  2. James says:

    Cam has always done a great job. This is indeed great news.

    After Bob Owens passed, Jenn Jacques was sacked from Townhall/Bearing Arms. This did not set well with me and I’ve never heard an explanation of why this occurred.