12 thoughts on “Ack-Mac Sues NRA”

  1. I just can’t shake the feeling that a lot of this legal action is to route NRA Members’ funds to lawyers who are friends of friends. Entirely amicable suits, even if the opponents in public sound like they would punch each other in the mouth.

      1. “we *did* land on the Moon.”

        I seem to recall there were contract lawsuits on the path to the Moon, but they weren’t looting double-digit percentages of the funding for a failing program.

    1. This is escalating rather quickly. Bloomberg (I know) is reporting something about a stolen confidential presentation and the NRA seeking to halt the lawsuit. Let’s see if we can get this from another source.

      1. here is the Bloomberg article.


        “Then came the alleged subterfuge: An employee of Brewer gave a thumb drive with the PowerPoint file to an audio-visual assistant at the meeting so he could load it onto a laptop computer to display. That AV man was an employee of Ackerman McQueen and later “absconded with a digital copy of the presentation,” according to an NRA filing Thursday in Virginia state court.”

        Maybe it should occur to someone at Ack-Mac that the PowerPoint was a trap or disinformation (or both)…

        1. So, Todd Rathner posted this link on his remaining Facebook page. I guess relying on Bloomberg as a source is OK when it benefits the current NRA leadership, while it wasn’t OK with the accusations against the NRA leadership. Meanwhile, Willes Lee is accusing those who want accountability and transparency within the NRA being funded by Bloomberg and Soros.

  2. … and now back to “HARD ON” with your host Dan Bongino. Brought to you by Hornady.

    Move along nothing to see here indeed…

  3. one thing is for sure, anyone who gets in bed with Ack-Mac after this had better beware. the scorched earth tactic should scare away anyone worth representing in the future.

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