Politics 101

Some people need to hear it:

I find some of the responses here disturbing. Look, sure, you want to elect people who agree with you 100%. But it’s hard to get a majority that way. The Dems took the House by running centrist (or centrist-appearing) candidates who could win in close districts. You’re not going to win a seat Ed Markey holds with a Ted Cruz, or Tim Scott. But somebody who caucuses with you and votes with you most of the time is better than someone who caucuses with the other side and votes with them all of the time. And just by running someone you make the Dems defend what would otherwise be safe seats, leaving them fewer resources to go after others. This is Politics 101 and it works.

There are limits, of course, but this is truth. Culturally, the whole Boston to DC Acela Corridor is a monoculture dominated by New York City, which has traditionally concerned itself with suppressing the rabble so the Right Kind of People can run things and make money. But we’ve also seen the spread of New England Puritanism through the Acela Corridor.

In the 21st century the modern day Puritans have pretty much given up dour protestantism and have instead adopted dour state worship as their purifying religion. They’ve even brought back witch hunting! But we’re oh so sophisticated about it these days.

But it doesn’t change the fact that you won’t win a Massachusetts Senate seat with Ted Cruz. What you need to capitalize on is that no one fucking likes witch hunting Puritans, no matter what religion they have adopted for themselves.

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  1. But Politics 2019 is “Make me feel good about myself and validate my feelings no matter what reality says!” And that applies to both sides of the aisle and to each wing of the political parties.

  2. Not a good analysis at all. Politics 101 in the Country now is as follows; Progressives get everything they want, but if they don’t, they get most of what they want while the Right is required to “go along or get out of the way”, as said by Obama.

    “Compromise” today means that the Left gets all or most of their agenda. Either way for the Right; “Go along, or get out of the way”.- Barack Obama.

  3. Yeah but we ought to do better in Utah than Romney.

    Think about the regular ragging on SoCons here. I am not one but they surely agree more with me than leftists do.

    1. I fully agree with that. I also agree that Utah should have done better than Orin Hatch about two election cycles ago.

      As bad as Romney is, I think he won in no small part by being Hatch Reincarnate.

  4. All my face books groups agree that the 2nd amendment is the only gun license I need for carry or ownership of any gun anywhere, and it doesn’t matter who gets elected. Because the 2nd amendment is an absolute.

    So I’m not voting this year because no one is perfect. Except me. And I don’t feel like running (although I have as much or more experience as the current President and some of his competitors).

  5. I can accept RINO GOP in NE states WE did that with Hogan in MD Since he is a good executive he got reelected He does not make waves. Yet when Mitch Daniels who was a very good governor and he said to stick with fiscal conservatism and avoid culture clashes He was wrong Culture is what drives policy The left has been winning culture wars and that affect my freedom and my children’s freedom I see the same Mitch Daniels attitude in the comment s her a lot

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