Turn ‘Em In Or We’ll Nuke Ya

I don’t much concern myself with what clowns say, and make no mistake: Eric Swalwell is a clown. But this should serve as notice that confiscation is no longer a fringe issue. It never has been. Don’t think just because the Senate is in Republican hands we’re safe from this. Be worried about deals on larger bills and be ready to start flooding phone banks.

One thing they want to go after is home gun smithing. This is a smart move for them. I would do this if I were them. You want to separate out and extinguish the true believers and evangelists from the casual gun owners who don’t do things like home build ARs. You’d be looking for issues where you can get the strongest believers without much protest from the average believer.

If your goal was to extinguish a religion or culture, you wouldn’t want to go after all the adherents. You go after the people who most strongly identify with and spread it. After you get them, you work on the casual people. Because you’ve gotten rid of their leaders, you have the option to either wait them out, assimilate them with your preferred culture or religion.

In any other context this would be considered a monstrous evil by the left. But not this one. Hating on gun culture gets a pass from the same people who would cry foul if we were colonizing Lebanon, and trying to convert everyone there to Christianity and American culture. But if you’re from New York City and decide to engage in a little cultural imperialism on Lebanon, Pennsylvania, well, that’s just fine.

UPDATE: He’s still digging:

Heller and McDonald largely put handgun bans out of the realm of legitimate discourse. Even though Heller wasn’t as strong as it could be, the Courts largely took handgun bans off the table. What we need is a strong ruling protecting rifles and accessories too.

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  1. This is my shocked face. I already have said they want something like this here and other places repeatedly. There hatred of us is so extreme that if they have to literally nuclear holocaust 1/3rd of the population to acheice there goals that is an acceptable action to take.

    The courts will never go against a rifle ban. Or any confiscation. Could be door-to-door and the punishment for resisting is death. The courts will uphold it. Because I would say nearly 100% of all the judges in the country have the same opinion of Mr. salwell here. To the judges And most of the Democratic Party this is OK; we are insects in need of extermination. They don’t view us as humans and their hatred of us knows no bounds.

  2. “cause more carnage when used with a pistol grip”. Let me pick my jaw up off the floor – I never knew that a pistol grip in an AR-15 somehow magically made the bullet go faster than the equivalent bullet from a Mini-14 without that evil pistol grip. Thank you Congress Critter! I learn something new from our government every day!

  3. I know everyone is focussing on the Federal Level, but there are 8 to 12 more States that will be imposing Assault Weapons Bans, UBC’s coupled with registration, and High Capacity Magazine Bans that make the NY SAFE Act look tame, for 2019. Those States are as follows; ME, VT, RI, DE, IL, WA, OR, CO, NM, and NV.

    It’s gonna get bad enough, that even a quisling like John Roberts is going to have to enable the SCOTUS to take up a case, and I think that the current SCOTUS is waiting for a Blue Pro-Gun State to turn bad to take up a case. It could be a similar theme to Brown V. Board of Education, where segregation was knocked out in a case involving a Midwestern/Great Plains State that started turning to the Segregation Column only 20 years before hand. Segregation was spreading beyond the Jim Crow South, and the SCOTUS recognized it, and it needed to be stopoed.

    For the Federal Level, look out for 3D Printing Bans, UBC’s explicitly for sales, a Federal Red Flag Law, 3 Day Waiting Period, and a “more lenient” High Capacity Magazines Ban (12 or 15 round mag limit).

    A 3 Day Waiting Period and Federal Red Flag Law are the 2 most likely things to pass, and I think they are guaranteed passage at the Federal Level next year. Our only hope is that the GOP Senate loads up the Red Flag Bill with very explicit 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments Protections like punishments for false accusations, immediate trials by jury, and immediate return of private property (firearms of course).

    Governor Elect, Ron DeSantis, and the GOP Florida Legislature are saying that they will be amending their State Red Flag Law next year to the stipulations I pointed out, and the 21 age limit will be getting gutted too, either by them, or the soon to be Conservative Florida State Supreme Court.

    1. “…there are 8 to 12 more States that will be imposing Assault Weapons Bans, UBC’s coupled with registration, and High Capacity Magazine Bans that make the NY SAFE Act look tame, for 2019. Those States are as follows; ME….”

      Maine is very **unlikely** to go along with your list;

      — defeated Bloomberg’s UBC referendum in 2016
      — passed Constitutional Carry in 2015
      — Gov. Elect Mills on record as being opposed AR-15 ban

      (does not mean they won’t **try** — we’ll be ready)

  4. I’m going to ignore the Negative Nancy’s here, and be a Positive Patrick. While we will lose some things in blue states, and less in purple states, I don’t expect anything to pass federally. Certainly not any bans (3D printing or mag bans).

    I also expect the courts to strike down bans and better protect rifles.

    That’s not to say we shouldn’t be vigilant, as this clown has shown. They hate us. We need to stomp them down every chance we get.

      1. A bunch of people who went to sleep after Obama turned out to be a nothingburger as far as gun control (and even signed the law that included the “guns in national parks” provision need to wake up.

        This guy is helping wake them up.

      2. Big fight indeed. I like our chances too, but we’ll need a lot of luck and a lot of motivated people on our side.

  5. When someone quotes “see a 60 Minutes piece” for any practical issue I simply laugh at them.

    I remember one of the idiots on 60 Minutes “demonstrating” how dangerous it was to use a cell phone while driving.

    He did so by holding the phone over the passenger seat and slowly looking over to dial it.

    Not, er, holding it in front of his face to dial it, so he could still see the road, the way every human being to ever use a phone in a car does.

    (See also various faked demonstrations and the like.

    60 Minutes is not even good or subtle propaganda; it’s a trash fire.)

  6. This is going to come across as ghoulish, but I think the best chance the Second Amendment has is if Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer dies in the next year or so.

    Court appointments have been Trump’s strongest area, and elections right now are too iffy for me to bank on a second term for him, with a cooperative Senate. It’s not a great position to be in, but the lower courts and legislatures won’t start treating the Second Amendment like a Constitutional right until they are forced to.

    1. Trump is doing a phenomenal job with the lower courts though. He has solidified, or is soon to fully solidify the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Circuit Courts to the Conservative Side, and he might flip the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals next year. Also, there’s almost a dozen Vaccancies on the 9th Circuit as well to be filled.

      As Sebastian and Bitter have both alluded to though, we are almost in the same situation that we were in, following the Sandy Hook School Massacre. Just as big a fight is coming down the pike.

      1. Both sides learned from the Sandy Hook massacre, but one side had more to learn and learned more from it.

  7. I have the dubious distinction of residing in his district. (Not my first choice, but my employment is here and there’s limited flexibility in regard to housing. It’s the least-bad choice.)

    Needless to say, he is a clown. Unfortunately, he’s not alone. Like you, I also worry about killing off home gunsmithing and parts availability. For some, at least — clearly there’s a bunch of machinists out there who could make anything from a block of metal, but being able to use a simple router and a jig to mill out 80% lowers and put together a rifle from a parts kit is something that even a non-expert can do with relative ease.

    Nationally, I’m fairly optimistic. Same when talking to ordinary people I interact with. However, I’m decidedly pessimistic when it comes to California politicians now that they have essentially no political roadblocks to their agenda.

    I like your comparison between extinguishing culture and extinguishing gun ownership. It’s very apt.

  8. Home gunsmithing, both construction and repair, is going to be the next battleground. 3D printing, 80% lowers, CNC “black boxes” like that Daniel Defense thing.

    And it’s not unprecedented. NJ prohibits unlicensed manufacture, and is about to ban possession (or already did) of 3D printed firearms and other “ghost guns.”

  9. He may be a clown but he is a clown in the mainstream of the Democrat Party. I doubt they are actually going to nuke us but it is a clear expression of hatred. They would be just as happy killing us with shovels. They are a deadly danger to us and someday they are going to seize the levers of power again. We cannot compromise with people like this. The only safety lies in separation.

  10. The crazy runs wide and deep in Commiefornia. A lot of the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives are California congressman like Swalwell.

    Interestingly, the Congressman that Swalwell defeated was the infamously insane Pete Stark. And of course Pete Stark was a Democrat.

  11. Look at how many of the most crazily demagogic and authoritarian Democrats either used to be a DA like Congressman Swalwell, are a current AG like AG Maura Healey or Keith Ellison, or are a former AG like Senator Kamala Harris.

    Police State Democrats are the worst.

  12. “mandatory reporting on mental health.”

    Well, I can name one nuclear-weapons-use enthusiast that won’t be getting an AR then.

  13. Do you know what else has pistol grips besides AR-15s, Mr. Swalwell? Pistols. Like the ones Dana Loasch was asking about.

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