Is Anyone Really Surprised?

The new Dem house is going to make gun control a priority. Here are the stakes: next time the Dems control everything we’re getting gun control out the ass. A new and worse ban on “Assault Weapons” is almost a guarantee. And yes, this will give the GOP an excuse to take us for granted and not do anything for us.

We’re back on the defensive, folks. How do you people who laughed Bloomberg off feel now?

For those of you in Montana: have you lost your minds? We can’t afford a state like Montana having a guy like John Tester in the Senate. I can’t believe Montana has been californicated to that degree. You can do better. Now we have six years before we get another shot at him.

Everyone was cheering the meme that “The blue states are losing population! Worst thing ever for the Dems!” Yeah, maybe that would be true if they were leaving the country, but that’s not what’s happening. They are moving to other states and ruining those places too.

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  1. The scariest thing is that the Dems believe that even though they can’t pass anything this year, taking a stance on this and forcing the republicans to take a stance against it is a winning move.

    If they are right … it’s just a matter of time in any case.

  2. It looks like the contested senatr elections in Florida, Arizona, and Mississippi are pivotal. Democrat wins in those races will cut the Republican majority to 51-49. All it will take is one defection, and gun rights are gone forever.

      1. That can change Democrats take the Senate and the filibuster for legislation is gone

          1. Oops, my bad. I meant 922(o). The machine gun ban passed because the Democrats said it did.

            The so-called “nuclear option” allows the Senate to suspend the 60 vote rule whenever they feel like it.

    1. 51-49 is where we were before the midterms, but you are absolutely right about GOP Defections. Corey Gardner, Thom Tillis, Susan Collins, and maybe Steve Daines are almost guarateed possible defections from the GOP. Gardner and Collins are guaranteed because Maine and Colorado are dark Blue States thanks to Liberal Trash and 3rd World Illegal Aliens destroying those States.

      The Democrats have been bragging to us since 1998, when Democrat Gray Davis won the 1998 California Governor Race that Demographics would bring them to victory over us in the long term…….Looking at 2018 Exit Polls, they are correct, and our side going along to get along with them on the immigration issue will be our demise.

      Beyond the 2nd Amendment, America will be Venezuela by 2024. We are becoming a Communist Country whether we like it or not, and mass-migration from the 3rd World is ushering it in, combined that with 2/3rds of the College Vote having a promiscuous love affair with Socialism and Communism.

      1. While it is true that we are at 51-49, the Republicans own the house. That will not be the case within the next 60 days or so.

  3. Looking at the 2018 Election Season, there were 2 Countries in the Western Hemisphere that had Elections that of which signal paradigm shifts in their societal politics; The United States and Brazil, and you can throw Colombia in there as well for a 3rd example.

    The youth votes in those countries are telling for each county’s prospective electoral futures. In the US, the youth vote by almost 2-1 margins is promiscuously infatuated with Socialism and Communism, mass migration is also swinging America Leftward (See Virginia, please!)

    In Colombia and Brazil, young/Millenial and the first adults of Generation Z in those Countries ushered in the likes of Jair Bolsonaro and his more Classical Liberal Coatrails, and the more Classical Liberals as seen in Colombia. Quite the opposite here in the States.

    My Brasiliera and I would say; “Tudo Bem Errar”, (It’s ok to make a mistake), but the mistake being made in America politically is going to be catastrophic, and the 2nd Amendment is just one element of us as a Free Society being flushed down the toilet after the Leftist Movement in our Country has wiped the excrement from it’s collective ass with our Bill of Rights. Hasn’t unfettered immigration been wonderful for us?

    The NRA is partly responsible for this too, as they laughed off the Democrat Party’s psychopathic howling and cheering about the Demographics of America swinging to their favor. They just helped the Bush-Cartel Republicans get elected to help the Democrats flood America with 3rd World Filth that just bring brainwashed, down-ballot, Democrat votes (And we’ve had no meaningful rolling back of Federal Gun Laws). I mean, the Democrats have only been bragging since winning the 1998 California Governor Race with Gray Davis.

    My advice to people is to learn Brazilian Portuguese or a European Language from 1 of the Visegrad States. America’s Demographics are pushing towards Venezuelan Communism by 2024. Western Society’s future is elsewhere.

  4. GA 6 a pro gun state elected a avowed gun banner. Why? Did the pro gun people ignore this ? This loss is on us So many gun people do not believe that voting for a democrat means losing their guns.
    I have read many here comment how can we get rid of the social conservatives , the religious right? You guys can not see the social liberals do not care about gun rights It will never happen to them. You may not be religious but the religious right does support gun rights So does the social conservatives.

    I blame gun owners for these losses in Ga 6 and Montana and Arizona

    1. Look at the Demographics of those Atlanta Suburbs. Georgia and Arizona of the 2010’s are going the way of Virginia circa Late ’90s-Early/Mid 2010’s and Present.

  5. Gun rights apply to any demographic We need to persuade blacks. Hispanics and young people that guns are an important right

    With that we also need to infiltrate schools and get more capitalists and gun right people teaching kids We lost the universities , then the high schools and now the middle and elementary Indoctrination works

  6. Still I think a lot of gunowners sat on their hands and did not vote because of “Trump” Trump may be an ass but he has done good work despite his rhetoric

    1. The biggest losers of 2018 were the Bush-Cartel Republicans. Unfortunately, some of the “Trump GOP” Candidates were dragged down by them (4 in CA, Dave Bratt in VA, Claudia Tenney and Dan Donavan of NY, Mike Bishop of Michigan, and Pete Sessions and Jon Culberson of Texas).

      To summarize though, the GOP lost the 2018 Midterms back in July of 2017 with the failure to Repeal Obamacare. That however, to me, is worse than the Immigration Issue because the failure to Repeal Obamacare was the signal that the GOP has surrendered a key battle in the Culture Wars being waged on us by the Left; Entitlement Culture.

      The Gun Ban Movement is now tying the Gun Issue to Healthcare, claiming that Gun Ownership is a “Public Health Issue”.

      Eventually, through the theme of Healthcare, the Left will be able to successfully propagate that people are ENTITLED to Guaranteed Safety from the Government. Part of that guarantee will be Gun Bans, “all for your health and safety”, of course.

      1. Joe, I notice that in the 12 comments on this thread prior to mine, you’ve written 4 of them saying the same thing. That’s 1/3 of the comments on one thread with your same arguments. Once or twice, fine. But 4 times is a bit excessive. If people want to address or build on your comments, they can. If they don’t respond, that’s also a signal.

        1. Sorry about that. 👍. Still fired up from talking about the Elections out at dinner with our fellow gun-club members last night. Off early from work too.

  7. Personally I can’t understand why these politicians who take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution are not thrown out of office immediately for violating their oath of office by attacking our Constitutionally Protected Rights.

    1. Zermoid, I believe the reason is because the authors of the Constitution failed us by not including penalties for violating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Like prison time, and never _ever_ being allowed to serve in any public office again.

  8. I know I have posted nightmare scenario comments before. Looks like in 2 years, 6 at best it’s going to happen.

    In 2025 at the latest there will be a bill that passes. It will blanket ban the private ownership off all semi auto everything. All semi-auto rifles, handguns and shotguns illegal. No grandfathering. Gun owners will have to turn them in without compensation. People refuse, the government makes gun ownership blanket illegal and all gun owners are instant felons. People revolt. They are killed.

    I’d say at this point barring a miracle in the courts the private ownership of guns will be illegal and punishable by execution without trial in the next ten years.

    1. I’d say that’s at least a decade or more out.

      One great thing about Trump, with the help of McConnell- they’ve been packing the courts with Federalist Society judges. It’ll be a majority GOP judiciary.

      If he wins in 2020, it’ll only get better.

      I think in that case the courts will finally start doing their jobs.

      1. I admit what I said was crazy and even I don’t believe it will get THAT bad. But I have literally NO faith in the courts. let’s say a bill is passedMaking gun ownership illegal completely and the punishment for owning a gun is execution without trial. After all the lower courts say it is perfectly constitutional for the government to mass exterminate people because they own a certain piece of property it will go to SCOTUS. They will say is constitutional.

        I am of the opinion that ALL judges hate guns, hate gun owners and WANT the government to kill us all. That’s over 100 million people but to them, just like with the far radical left that will be running this country in six years we are not considered people. Short of literal carpet nuclear bombing red states to force confiscation killing literally over 1/3 of the population of the United States that any kind of ban would be upheld.

    2. Shawn, stop it with the hysterical rubbish. There are very few countries in the world where all guns are illegal. The idea that the most gun loving country in the whole world will ban them all in ten years is absurd.

      Talk about actual threats.

  9. How do you people who laughed Bloomberg off feel now?

    Still laughing actually. Bloomberg has accomplished what, after spending all of his money? Winning the same average number of seats that a President always loses in the midterms? Getting things passed in anti-gun NY, CA, WA?

    None of what happened or will happen has anything to do with Bloomberg. It has to do with shifting populations and media indoctrination.

      1. I disagree that its him that is largely what is doing it.

        Washington is tiling into the anti-gun column because they people there are getting more Democrat, not because of Bloomberg.

        1. We here in Washington have been infested with Californians since the late 1980’s. It used to be that anti gun initiatives would get trounced on Election Day. Now they pass even when law enforcement is against them. Now that I’m retired I’ll be able to leave the sewer that is western Washington and move to free America. I believe there will be a second civil war but it won’t begin from gun confiscation, that will be tried after it begins, and by then it will be too late.

    1. For all its blueness, Washington wasn’t all that unfriendly to gun owners before Bloomberg and other billionaires started buying initiatives. Once they figured out they could go straight to the masses in the central Puget Sound counties, that’s when gun rights died in Washington. There are about five out of 39 counties in the state where these anti-gun measures win. Unfortunately, they’re hugely populous and they win big there, which means they always pass.

      1. “Other billionaires” are pretty important in WA. Gates, Bezos, and the late Paul Allen all put 6 or 7 figure contributions into the gun control initiative.

        1. Exactly this. Its not Bloomberg we have to worry about, since he had lots of help in Washington.

          Its the people voting for the measures that we have to worry about.

          Washington is getting more anti-gun because the people are getting more anti-gun, not because Bloomberg is buying initiatives.

  10. I notice a lot of sad pandas in this thread. So what do you plan to do about it? We will basically have fighting in the street (and not antifa style… this will be worse) before any of these scenarios happen.

    Me personally? I want to get more minorities into gun rights. Writing them off, like writing off social conservatives as was mentioned by another poster earlier, is not what will get us more interested gun owners.

    On another note, this is getting to be a ridiculous blog with these debbie downer posts. Go out and fight and quit hiding behind a keyboard.

    1. I think we need to start playing the minority card hard.

      Women, Blacks, Latinos, LGBQTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, you name it.

    2. we do need to get more minorities into gun rights. but this also means we need to address the types who facilitate associating guns with racists and the like.

    3. I’ve been fighting this in meatspace a long time, and I’m tried. Yes, also of the people who throw up their hands and preemptively surrender. But I also tire of the folks who have not the slightest clue the boat is leaking, and we need people to start grabbing buckets and bailing.

    4. If more minorities get involved with gun rights, then I suspect republicans would suddenly become much more supportive of gun control.

        1. Clearly you’ve never heard of the Mulford act, backed by the NRA and signed into law by Ronald Reagan.

  11. As Reagan said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

    So it is basically a perpetual fight which we have to win every time.

    Gun people are also fond of quoting Jefferson about the tree of liberty. The part about the blood of tyrants is more satisfying but I think the part about the blood of patriots is more important. You never really appreciate something until you have fought for it.

    I am as down about the election as anyone here but basically nothing changed. The enemies of freedom never rest and they still don’t. The defenders of freedom need to be as tireless.

    1. Good point. It’s about the fight.

      I have to laugh when the LGBTQ stuff comes up. But I have to admit, they have a successful model we will need to emulate. Get in the politicians faces, personalize the issue, and don’t stand down. Sue, obstruct, and fuss about it. We make fun of people on the left doing the latter but look at how many here have ideas versus panda tears. Get a f***** grip, grow a pair, and raise hell. Yeah we have jobs unlike the bussed in professional protesters but we need to show up and not just for elections or rallies. We need to make the politicians fear us (and not just at the polls).

  12. bearing arms has a good article on H.R. 7115 which is in the house right now. It is poorly written as usual and basically bans building your own firearms. Time to pressure your crook in the house to vote no on this crappy bill.

    1. It bans the ability to repair a broken firearm by getting spare parts too.

      It’s written poorly on purpose too, not by accident. The anti’s aren’t stupid or ignorant, but the are diabolical.

      1. I wouldn’t say they aren’t ignorant. They are — but they don’t care. Passing a law that hurts gun owners because they are ignorant of how guns actually work is a feature, not a bug.

        Of course, sometimes they pass a meaningless law because of their ignorance — one that has little to know effect on legal gun owners — but that’s merely a bug, not a feature, caused by their ignorance.

        Even so, antis are still diabolical.

  13. Fear of draconian gun-control at the Federal level is unrealistic.

    Even if you assume Democratic control of the House and Senate when a Democratic President is inaugurated January 2021, how would such anti-gun legislation get past a Senate filibuster? No one thinks the Democrats can recreate the unusual 60 seat majority they briefly held in 2009.

    Sure, the Democrats could blow up the filibuster for the sake of draconian gun control, but would they? Really?

    Back when the Democrats held the Senate in 2013, they couldn’t even manage a majority of the vote for the AW ban pushed by Obama, let alone a 60 vote majority. Why should we anticipate any different outcome in 2021?

    Are some of those ‘moderate’ Democrats like Manchin and Tester willing to suicide over gun control in 2021? Or will the example of 1994 remind them to hesitate?

    No, the real action with new draconian gun-control is going to be at the State Level. And we won’t have to wait until 2021 to see it. It’s happening right now.

  14. “Everyone was cheering the meme that “The blue states are losing population! Worst thing ever for the Dems!” Yeah, maybe that would be true if they were leaving the country, but that’s not what’s happening. They are moving to other states and ruining those places too.”

    Interesting theory. Evidence indicates otherwise…

    I myself am an example of this phenomenon. I’m escaping Commiefornia mostly because of the insane gun-control laws. And I’ll be bringing my income, my tax payments, my spending, and my pro-gun vote to a Red State of Free America.

      1. Have you seen this? Results of the 2018 State elections are telling.

        The Dems flipped 300+ state level seats in the election. But that’s only a fraction of the 1,000+ they lost over the term of the Obama administration.

        Governor’s races I don’t find too instructive. Too subject to individual personality and chance events. State Legislative races reveal more. And after the 2018 election only Minnesota remains as a State with split control of their legislature.

        So I added up the populations of the States with Democratic Legislatures compared to the Republican States. Republican States = 60% of U.S. population, Democratic States = 39% of U.S. population.

        Not quite a fifty-fifty nation, the Republicans hold a significant edge which surprised me.

        1. Very fascinating.

          Its a lot easier to split the country up once divisions are split along regions. I think for a long time we have divisions spread out, and now they are getting more regional. That’s good for the country long term, because we can either get back to federalism, or split up and people can choose where they want to be depending on their beliefs.

    1. “I myself am an example of this phenomenon. I’m escaping Commiefornia mostly because of the insane gun-control laws”.

      It happens in the Northeast as well when gun rights people move **TO** Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, **FROM** Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.

      (which helps explain why the Northern New England states still have relatively strong 2nd Amendment civil rights provisions — although VT has had some set-backs)

  15. Sebastion, conservatives in Montana donated time and money to try to get rid of Tester again, but even though you won’t see it in the MSM, the practice of Dems coming up with thousands more votes a day or two after the election happens here, too. Gary Marbut, President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association had it happen to him. When he tried taking it to court, a liberal judge threw it out, saying he had no standing, that he lost and needed to learn to accept it.

    Tester has had help in keeping his senate seat, and has used lies and innuendo to mislead libertarians and other moderates, even some conservatives. As in other states – like CA and OR, I’ve lived and voted in both – the liberals in the cities are often able to overrule those of us in rural Montana, and our scum-sucking governor (Bullock is a fitting name for the ball-less SOB) has vetoed good gun rights legislation that was passed in our legislature, but unable to override his veto.

    So far, in the seven years I have lived here, electing Daines and Gianforte has been the best we could do. I thought maybe we could get Rosendale elected, but Tester and the Democrat machine here in MT has been able to come up with all the extra votes he needs every time someone shows the least sign of beating him.

  16. I voted across the board for Democrats this year, as a resident of Ohio, and a life member of OGCA, the Ohio Gun Collectors Association. Why?
    President Trump is why. I’m a mechanical engineer who works on contract assignments around the country, and Tonald Drump has been an unmitigated disaster for those of us who are road-warriors. Rates are down, write-offs fading, the sanctions on Iran are hurting American business.
    I contacted several of the Republican candidates and let them know that I could not vote for them because of that pompous buffoon and his anti-worker attitudes. My wife loathes the First “Lady” even more than I despise him. But then, the last First Lady she liked was Pat Nixon, during her teenage years.
    I want Flump impeached, and after him, I want VP Pence out the door right after. I worked on a contract in Indiana around the time of the 2016 election, and the engineers I worked with, to a man, loathed both Trump and local cretin Pence.
    Guns are important to me, even though I no longer have time to shoot. The rates for my expertise are down enough that I am working a second job as a store clerk in order to build up my retirement funds and maintain our current level of living. Neither my wife nor I saw any tax cut, and from I hear, most other white collar types didn’t either.
    But getting the country back on track is more important than the firearms, when push comes to shove. I am not a one issue voter, although I am mostly a very hard right conservative.
    If Crump runs for re-election in 2020, even against someone such as Schumer, I’ll vote Democratic again. I voted for Chump in 2016 because of Hillary, but that was a mistake.

    1. So your dislike of DJT is greater than your love of guns. Though I do not see how sanctions against Iran cause your business to fall off. Basically you sound like a liberal who likes guns . In that case you should push for gun rights Democrats to be elected . Good luck in that In my decades of experience Democrats always go against guns

    2. You non-ironically used Drump and Chump… so good job being mentally 12 years old.

    3. So you hate Trump more than you love guns? The same Trump who is packing the courts with pro-gun judges? The same Trump who has resisted gun control, except for bump stocks? The same Trump who after mass shootings doesn’t call for gun control, but demands less?

      Okay buddy.

      1. I think National Observer changed his name. Probably did so to come out of the closet, officially, as Democrat Hack. Both “Don” and “National Observer” bring up how it was a “mistake” to elect Trump over Clinton back in 2016.

        Funny how he also brought up how “bad” the Iran Sanctions were/are for business, but the Energy Sector in this Country was very damaged by the lifting of sanctions on Iran. It was purposely done by Obama to damage the Domestic U.S. Energy Production and further hollow out Domestic Manufacturing.

        The Natural Gas and Steel Industries in Ohio are actually doing great, and Ohio leads the U.S. in quantity of manufacturing jobs gained, manufacturing output per capita, and overtook Texas as the best State for Manufacturing Jobs. Ohio also has the highest “percentage” of fossil fuel resources per capita, all thanks to hydraulic-fracturing for Natural Gas, and more reserves keep getting found, due to the Antrim Shale extending into the Northwest Corridor of the State.

        I think Don is also angry that looking at the 2018 Election Results shows Ohio is now a “Red-State”.

    1. The only thing that would stop their endless push for it would be the disarray in Dem leadership. As long as Pelosi is steering the ship she will do what it takes to stay in power including singing a tune and protecting red state Dems from having to vote on gun control. There are 85 Demanding Mommies/Everytown endorsed gun controllers in the house of all stripes, not even 1/2 of Dem membership. If she loses her post then the insanity ensues and they go full nutter left on everything then it’s back to GOP control. I suspect just like with everything else, it’s anyone’s call how insane their base wants to get.

  17. “They are moving to other states and ruining those places too.”

    I have observed that Blue State voters are like viruses. The voters there vote until the State dies, and in the process, everyone leaves to other States where things are better — but they bring their voting habits with them. They never seem to make the connection between their voting habits and the toxic environment that they had to flee.

    I have sometimes wondered how we could inoculate Sane States from these “viruses” — and the best I have come up with (which I’m not sure how to do) is to create some sort of education/pamphleteering system system that basically says “Welcome Californian! Here’s why your State failed, and why we do things differently here!”

    But I’m not sure how to do that effectively…

    1. You have to make it unpleasant for progressives to move into your community. This can be done informally. Shortly after moving to TX, my wife’s car had all four tires slashed. She still had Yankee New England plates on it. Random vandalism? Maybe. Maybe not. Social shunning also works. If you’ve ever been to a small town you know that not everyone’s money is equally welcome.

      It can be done formally. I think blue and purple state gun control has an element, as gun ownership (especially non hunting guns)is correlated with voting red. So find the correlates of progressives and restrict/tax/criminalize them.

      Tax electric vehicles. Slash benefits without work requirements. Don’t let out of state professionals from blue states practice or transfer credentials. Tax the heck out of real estate transactions above a certain price point for new arrivals. Use the militia laws to compel gun ownership or other similar service (CERT?) for objectors.

      Red states also need to get control of public and higher education and use it to indoctrinate pro freedom views. That means breaking the back of entrenched educational bureaucracies.

      If they don’t make the environment hostile to parasitic invaders, then low population western states will be swamped in a generation or two. Nevada is lost, so is CO. ID and AZ are next.

      A lot of these ideas go against our libertarian instincts. Live and let live will get us run over by progressive voters.

    2. The Glenn Reynolds welcome wagon idea I think that is a good idea Create an organization that get the real estate listing . Then have local group visit and welcome them with positive stuff and friendly feelings Gently explain why the state does so well Get them introduction to gun clubs and assistance if they are interested.

      1. Probably a mix of both is needed. Hard exclusionary tactics to deter progressives. Friendly soft power to persuade moderates.

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