This Could Be a Disaster for Gun Control Too

Bloomberg’s The Trace is touting a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll that shows a lot of voters rank Gun Policy very high on their list of concerns. From Bloomberg’s propaganda wing:

The survey indicates that Republicans’ traditional turnout advantage on the gun issue may have eroded: 16 percent of both GOP and Democratic voters ranked gun policy as their most important issue, along with 15 percent of independent voters.

Actually, if you read the poll, GOP voters rank 17%, with Independents ranking 13%. It’s an awful stretch to assume that this means gun control is ascendent. What they are hoping is that people just assume those are gun control votes. We know there are still some Dems who care about gun rights, and I’d be very surprised if most of those independent numbers are votes for gun control.

Gun Policy is very important to me too, and I’d tell a pollster that if asked.

9 thoughts on “This Could Be a Disaster for Gun Control Too”

  1. It is very important to carefully word the poll questions to get the results desired by the organization buying the poll. It is also very important to not ask any clarifying questions in the poll.

    Bloomberg got the results he desired.

    1. Kaiser is a Democrat Lobby Group. It’s beyond easy for Bloomberg to get his desired results.

  2. If gun-control was really popular, then why did the Blue Wall crack in 2016?

    I have a feeling that pushing gun-control is going to backfire in 2018 as much as it did in 2016.

    Every time the Left decides to rile people up about guns it bites them in the @ss. In a roughly 50/50 nation, pushing gun-control is a way to guarantee more losses than wins.

    1. That Gallup Poll also showed that a “large minority” of Democrats oppose/strongly oppose a Semiauto Ban. Considering that our Country is in the middle of a big “Electoral Shift”, it wouldn’t surprise me if the “Progressive/Bernie Sanders Wing” of the Democrat Party is pushing opposition to a Semiauto Ban to almost and even over 60% of the Country.

      We know a Millenial Brazilian Woman out here who just got her US Citizenship, and is shipping out for her Navy Bootcamp on October 23rd. Like most immigrants (especially minority ones) she is indeed, Liberal and a Bernie Sanders supporter, but she also agrees with Trump on about (in her words) half of the issues out there.

      She agrees with Trump on the Immigration Issue (she’s Legal, and, believes in assimilation into American Society), tariffs, and,……Gun Rights and the 2nd Amendment. She’s all for Constitutional Carry and repealing federal laws like the NFA and those Presidential Executive Orders of the past that banned importation of certain Firearms and Ammunition from past Presidents.

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