Time to Light up the Switchboards

Gun control is coming up in committee. The GOP has been getting sqishy, so don’t take anything for granted.

Gun control on the move in Pennsylvania. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Bloomberg is going to be relentless, and given how squishy Republicans in this state have been getting, I would not count on anything. Give your lawmaker a ringy dingy or drop him a line somehow to let him or her know you oppose gun control, and these bills specifically.

NRA makes it easy. If you don’t have time, hit their “Take Action” link. But personal contact is always more effective.

23 thoughts on “Time to Light up the Switchboards”

  1. The last time anti-gun bills came up in committee I contacted the committee members. Better to contact members or reps directly?

  2. Pulling for you guys REALLY HARD in PA. I don’t wanna see you guys turn into an anti-2nd Amendment, Leftist, S***hole State like good ole’ New Jersey.

    Despite the PA GOP being “meh” on the 2nd Amendment, you guys in the Keystone State must ensure that the PA Legislature (both Chambers) remain in GOP Hands after 2018, and elect GOP State Supreme Court Justices in 2019.

    If your State is retarded enough to not only reelecte Tom Wolf, but give hime so much as even 1 of the PA Legislative Chambers to the Democrats, you guys will be living through what New Jersey had with Jim Florio, Jim McGreavy, and Jon Corzine……..Not good.

  3. Two of the 3 being pushed in your state recently became law here in DE. Pulling for you guys to kick this crap to the curb.

  4. Is there any way to get the point across to President Trump that if he doesn’t start getting the feds working on limiting gun control activities nationwide, he may not get re-elected, and his legacy will be minimal?

    1. If the SCOTUS would stop allowing the 9th and 4th Circuit Courts to ignore the Heller and McDonald Decisions, we’d be able to turn the tide of the Gun-Banners in the Blue States, like California, and through “lawfare attrition” end the antigunners’ garbage.

      1. We have a problem with getting Cert. in good cases. That’s going to take at least one more pro-gun Justice.

        1. Or, in my honest opinion (and just at that), the SCOTUS might be waiting for a pro-gun State to turn in the opposite direction under one of the more Conservative Circuit Courts (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th), wherein which those Courts would strike down something like an Assault Weapons Ban or “Mandatory Liability Insurance”.

          I would advise people here at The Blog to look at how the 6th, 7th, and 8th Circuit Courts are currently composed. President Trump has filled their Vaccancies with “Clarence Thomas Type Judges” regarding the 2nd Amendment. Those Courts oversee very pro-gun blue and swing states like Ohio (Where I live), Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota.

  5. NRA makes it easy. If you don’t have time, hit their “Take Action” link. But personal contact is always more effective.

    That last bit.

    (Earlier to day, Progressive friends were talking about The Awful Immigration Thing, and saying “hey, you can use ResistBot to contact your rep!”.

    And I was thinking “yeah, and if I was a rep I’d ignore it”.

    Not because of the policy prescription, but because it’s a zero-effort slacktivist-promoting thing.

    People who use ResistBot don’t matter, for the same reason people who have the NRA send a canned email almost don’t matter.

    I say almost, because the NRA membership at least has a well-earned reputation for voting single-issue on the matter.

    But any personal contact, even a hand-written email, not boilerplate copy/paste, is worth a thousand canned replies from a lobbyist/activist mass-contact-cannon.

    Because it shows you actually took some time and effort.)

    1. It’s a demonstration of organizational power. It does have some effect. ResistBot doesn’t because it’s not run by a specific group for a specific purpose.

    2. Indeed. Whenever I send an email via the NRA, I always take the time to reword the issue into my own thoughts.

      The NRA’s website is still useful, though, because it identifies the congresscritters who I need to contact.

    3. “People who use ResistBot don’t matter, for the same reason people who have the NRA send a canned email almost don’t matter.”

      There is an attitude that doing something is always better than doing nothing.

      But a benefit to either ResistBot or the NRA will be, you’ll probably be signing up for big, not-so-interesting emails until the next time you change your email address.

      I’ve been getting mysterious snailmails that I think can only be traced to the NRA mailing list. And if so, they suggest NRA members have been stereotyped.

      1. I’m pretty sure NRA doesn’t share its list. Why would they want someone else milking their members for money? That’s their job!

  6. Response back from my rep, not a committee member but a 2A supporter, is that the only bill “law enforcement” has spoken up to support was the ERPO bill. He is unsure on that bill but opposes the others (including UBCs).

  7. Leave it to our lazy legislature to consider anti gun bills instead of pro gun bills.

    1. Have you ever wondered why such pro-gun firebrands around election time, never seem to deliver more than defense once they are elected and have some power?

      The most over-the-top firebrands in any legislature, who are not adverse to downright embarrassing themselves to try to deliver on social conservative issues, are downright moderate when it comes to doing anything pro-gun, when often as not it was gun owners who put them over the top for election.

      1. That’s a pretty broad brush and could apply to any number of issues. Yes, to most politicians we are “true believers”. As a pro-life voter myself I would say the same thing with regard to the abortion issue as well. The ones I’ve put in office have not delivered to the extent I’d like to see, either. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. To someone who lives in an urban area who has never seen a gun except in the media, we are all pro-gun extremists with our finger on a hair trigger. To someone who at least goes shooting on a regular basis there is some form of agreement. It’s just a matter of degree.

  8. So…

    The ERPO bill “reported as amended” down to basically 1/3 the monstrosity as it was. Only LEOs can initiate the process in the amended version. So… Is that a loss? I don’t know. They pretty much already have a process to do this.

    The other bill lets you put yourself on a temporary ban list. The lifetime ban list option was amended out of that one. I still scratch my head at that bill.

    Then the other one on domestic abuse is basically an analog bill.

    A pro-gun bill dealing with restoring rights also passed I believe.

    If this ever gets to the house the antis will, of course, load any of these up with a few hundred amendments and end up overreaching of course.

    1. Big problem with having it LEO only is abuse by departments who don’t like guns- such as the Philly PD. They already use parking tickets to deny LTCF permits- I can easily see them abusing the ERPO system to take away guns from citizens unjustly.

  9. It looks like HB1400 (UBC bill) died in the judiciary committee (13-14) by one vote.

    Looks like the bump stock bill passed by one vote (14-13). Marsico flipped. That heads to the rules committee along with the other two.

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