Sounds Like a Winning Strategy to Me!

Dems to run on gun control as a central part of their platform in Georgia.

At the top of the ticket, Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans have tried to outdo each other on new firearms crackdowns. And Democratic candidates down the ballot are embracing gun control not just as a policy plank, but as a central campaign theme this midterm vote.

All I can say for those thinking of staying home because the GOP is awful (and I won’t argue with that), if they win on this there will be hell to pay. We can take care of business in the primaries. The solution to the GOP sucking is not giving control to the Democrats.

UPDATE: More of that here.

10 thoughts on “Sounds Like a Winning Strategy to Me!”

    1. Also, don’t interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake.

  1. The Suck can always get worse. It is our job as citizens and gun owners to make the best of it each time out at the polls. Failure to do that is tantamount to surrender, and I don’t have it in me to surrender.

  2. Every time I see these people use the term “gun safety”, it makes me want to run out and vote for anyone with an R by his or her name. It’s becoming a tic.

  3. The takeaway paragraph from the AJC story…

    “It’s a hell of a Catch-22 for Democrats,” McLagan said. “They can’t win general elections outside of liberal enclaves without supporting the Second Amendment. But they can’t win primaries anywhere without being for gun confiscation.”

    1. A bipartisan (if not multipartisan) problem for at least the past decade. Oh, not the specific issues, but that the primary voters are a lot more dogmatic than the general voters.

      1. I don’t know. I have a hard time thinking of a specific issue that’s as polarizing as guns right now.

        The closest I can think of is being pro-life, but in general, while Republicans *like* pro-life candidates, voters (both pro and against) also seem to accept that there’s not much to be done on the issue, so Republicans typically don’t have to do an about-face on the issue to win elections….

        1. Republican primary voters are more conservative, both secularly and religiously, than the general race voters.

          And it’s not necessarily obviously polarizing – civil asset forfeiture survives at the federal level because of lawn order voters, for example, as does the federal ban on Weed.

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