Russians! In the NRA!

This story in Newsweek, which these days has about as much credibility as the Weekly World News, is following up on this story from McClatchy There’s nothing illegal or unethical about a foreign national being a member of the NRA, or NRA taking money from a foreign national provided the law is being complied with. This is a case of put up or shut up. Alexander Torshin, a Russian oligarch, cannot legally donate to NRA-PVF. If any of these journalists have evidence that Torshin donated to PVF and NRA took the money, by all means, proffer your evidence. Otherwise, there’s nothing to see here. If Russian oligarchs want to give money to promote and protect the shooting sports and the right to keep and bear arms in America, I don’t see any reason not to take their money, provided they are donating to efforts that it’s legal for foreign nationals to donate to. NRA has plenty of non-political funds that would qualify. Until Russian nationals try to get on the NRA Board, or use their power as donors to get Russians flunkies into key staff positions, this isn’t something I’m going to worry about.

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  1. What if someone speaks Russian and is in all the Inner Party crap of the NRA (Benefactor, Golden Eagle, Ring of Freedom, inter alia), BUT was born in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis?

    I am asking for a friend.

  2. As I recall Mikhail Kalashnikov was a Life Member. Wait until they find out about this.

      1. He was. It’s mentioned in the American Rifleman article “Farewell to Mikhail Kalashnikov” by Mark Keefe, dated Monday, December 23, 2013.

        I can’t post the link or it will eat my comment.

  3. It’s us sneaky Australian members of the NRA that you have to watch out for.

    We are working hard to have Vegemite sandwiches, Four & Twenty meat pies, and Fosters served at all NRA Annual Meetings in the future – that will sort out the tough guys from the pretenders.

    1. I noticed my local grocer is carrying Vegemite. It costs your first born here, but I am Vegemite curious. How do you make this Vegemite sandwich?

      1. Sparingly – VERY sparingly.

        Vegemite is a yeast product and good source of B vitamins, and salt, but mainly salt.

        The manufacturer reduced the salt content by about 40% some years ago, and not many noticed, so I am not kidding.

        Fresh bread, buttered, and add a SMEAR of Vegemite, then a layer of mild cheese. DO NOT treat it as you would jam, jelly, or peanut butter – you will die. (Not really, but have something to drink handy anyway.)
        Alternately, hot, buttered toast, with that same smear of Vegemite makes a good, quick breakfast.

        I don’t know what you are paying for it, but 150 grams (about 5 ounces) is ~AUD$4. That small jar will last a long time because you use so little of it in a serving.

        See for prices and options here.

        Interesting historical humour. Vegemite is the Australian version of the British Marmite, and was originally called Parwill.

        Puzzled? Say the names out loud.

        1. I might give it a try. I’ve seen some recipes, but was looking for what the classic is. Thanks!

          The 150g here is about $7 and change US dollars. Wegmans likes to charge a premium for the unusual, and it’s not common to see in stores up here.

          1. Any dish that could use a boost of umami and not suffer from a little salt (OK a lot of salt), can be enhanced by a teaspoon or so of Vegemite – meaty stews and gravies come to mind.

    2. This comment actually makes me wonder if the media (should they still be indulging this form of crazy in May) will take NRA’s recognition of international members in the member meeting as a “sign” of Russian influence.

      Of course the resolution forcing the roll call to recognize foreign life members was introduced by a Brit – at least I seem to recall that was his accent. I don’t think we’ve ever caught his name, but the year that it happened (and I believe he’s been there every year since) should be documented in the blog archives.

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