NRA Burns Florida Carry

I told people at NRA for a while they should do more to fight back against other gun groups who sabotage some of our best efforts when we try to argue not to let perfection be the enemy of good. It seems they are finally starting to do that:

Moms Demand Action should put Florida Carry’s representatives in red t-shirts and give them an award, because in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on 12/5/2017 Florida Carry sided with Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action – NOT Florida gun owners.

Ouch! I have to say, that’s brutal even by my standards. I can feel that burn all the way up here.

7 thoughts on “NRA Burns Florida Carry”

  1. Wow. That was a very strongly worded letter! And I love it.

    Sometimes there are “compromises” that should be opposed. Making gun law a little better with no other downside isn’t one of those. We got here by taking small steps. We don’t need to go full on sprint now, because we’ll trip and fall flat on their face.

  2. I think I have to agree with Florida Carry on both of these SB 148 and SB 134. There are bills with “downsides” and then there are bills with serious potential for abuse. Florida Carry said on SB 148 “The bill was ripe for abuse by law enforcement, and actually increased the probability of wrongful arrest of licensees.” – Florida Carry SB 134 had a last minute amendment that not only tried to include the provisions of SB 148, but added it’s own bad law. The provision for NICS rejections to be turned over to law enforcement was the worst of the lot. “Of the over 70,000 NICS rejections in 2016, a grand total of 447 were referred to prosecution, and of those, only 71 were found prosecutable. To put it in context, assumming the national numbers were applied to Florida, 16,000 people could risk an arrest and confiscation of firearms to catch 16 prohibited persons over the course of one year.” – Florida Carry.

    1. “The bill was ripe for abuse by law enforcement, and actually increased the probability of wrongful arrest of licensees.”

      How? It turned it from an affirmative defense into something they can’t arrest you for. Even if they decide to arrest, it’s a small fine for the first offense.

  3. GOA, NAGR and now Florida carry and Georgia carry appear to be just a bunch of JACKHOLES out to line their pockets. Twenty years ago I remember Larry Pratt URGING Texans to oppose our concealed handgun license law because it was not “perfect” while he had a Virginia “permission slip” to carry. They try to catch the CRUMBS that fall from NRA and Second Amendment Foundation. I would not piss on them if they were on fire.

  4. As a paid member of Florida carry, I am quite upset with them over this one.

  5. Thank you for publishing this.

    As a result, i just put a membership solicitation from Florida Carry in the garbage.


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