National Reciprocity Vote Today

As we await the House vote on National Reciprocity, of course we have to be our own worst enemies. Seen from Evan Nappen on the Book O’ Face:

GOA has always hated NICS. NO new prohibited persons are created here. Letting a prohibited person get a gun does not help the dealer OR the person. If you have outstanding parking tickets and a warrant is out for you — pay your tickets, and PRESTO, you are no longer a prohibited person. Fix NICS will help get National Reciprocity over the goal line in the Senate which is the toughest fight.

That’s what bugs me: the implication that this bill does something new. If you have an outstanding warrant, you’re already a prohibited person under the law. That’s been the case since 1968. It’s that “Are you a fugitive from justice?” question on the 4473. And Evan is exactly right: no one benefits from the system clearing people that shouldn’t clear.

There’s a big question of whether Brian Fitzpatrick will vote with us. He’s one of three PA GOP lawmakers who is not a cosponsor. A lot of people here know stories of people getting into trouble in New Jersey with guns, and Fitzpatrick’s district shares its border with New Jersey. I’d really like to not have to “sanitize” my car every time I have to cross over the river.

Yep: Nothing like having to quash “fake news” from our “friends” the day before a critical vote on a major piece of legislation.

5 thoughts on “National Reciprocity Vote Today”

  1. You still have to sanitize. The bill protects guns, magazines, and the ammo contained therein. If there’s a loose hollowpoint on your floor you’re still in hot water.

  2. Doesn’t the FBI’s current interpretation of the fugitive from justice clause require one to have deliberately crossed a state line in order to avoid arrest? Merely having an open warrant doesn’t trigger prohibited possessor status.

  3. A vote against CCW reciprocity is a vote for putting people like Shaneen Allen in jail.

  4. Dana Loesch said she heard the Fix NICS bill had enough votes to pass on its on. So tacking on National Reciprocity was a good plan- it’ll get the later passed and reduce the pain of the first (though like you said, I don’t think its that big of a deal).

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