Far Left Not Keen on Gun Control

Gun control has almost always been a desire of the ruling class, not those they wish to rule. You’re even hearing them using the “monopoly on violence” rhetoric that’s been going around gun rights circles for some time. This begs the question of how long the Dems will keep up the anti-gun rhetoric? Hillary’s reaction to the Vegas shooting didn’t seem to go over well with anyone. Is there perhaps some recognition that this issue has outlived its usefulness?

6 thoughts on “Far Left Not Keen on Gun Control”

  1. When the far left becomes the ruling class, then it becomes their desire, Sebastian.

  2. Trump’s election was a wake-up call. A lot of the far left hit snooze, but not all

  3. Sebastian, one of the most absolute 2A backers I know is a lady named Leslie Fish. She’s also a long term member of IWW, an actual anarchist, etc. She actually made an album of music for the NRA a few years back called “Lock and Load”.

  4. No it’s more like the left is starting to understand that there is going to be a civil war and they don’t have any weapons.

    1. Keep in mind that our biggest enemies in civil war are unlikely to be real leftists, but the corporate fascists that own all of the Democrats and most of thebRepublicans, in Congress.

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