This Just Gets Weirder

Does the FBI think this isn’t just a lone whack job? Nothing would surprise me anymore. I hope they clarify all these statements soon, because the conspiracy nuts are going to have a field day with all this stuff if the FBI comes out and says “Yeah, it was just a sad, depressed man who wanted to go out in a blaze of infamy.”

17 thoughts on “This Just Gets Weirder”

  1. “…the conspiracy nuts are going to have a field day…”

    That ship sailed like a long time ago.

    1. Pretty much 5 minutes after it was over. Sadly, the internet allows people to find others who share their own brand of crazy.

      1. Did you know that the reason there were no broken windows where the 2nd and 3rd shooters are is because hotels have windows that slide open on the lower half of the building?

        Seriously. Some nut job was claiming that.

  2. This particular crime almost seems to have been designed to inspire conspiracy theories. The guy who got mysteriously rich with a pilot’s license and a weird Flip girlfriend (drug smuggler). Weird acoustics, strange reactions from people and police, and lots of confusion.

  3. Weirder and weirder! He was shooting at aviation fuel tanks as well, which explains the second window he broke to shoot out of.

    I’m really confused as to what his motive would be. He seemingly had no grudge against anybody. The only thing is he snapped and just wanted to see how much damage he could do.

    1. Confronting own mortality + family history of being a psychopath is my guess.

  4. My guess is you probably have ISIS sympathizers calling in claiming they saw him in Karachi or something to try to muddy the waters…or they he was just referring to making sure all the boxes are ticked investigating the money transfer.

    Unfortunate that they used that language. They should be more careful.

  5. at the moment its still early in the investigation. lots doesnt make sense. maybe it will maybe it wont, many times crazy doesnt make sense. However at this time I am leaning toward more than one shooter/ murderer. the taxi driver video suggests to me two shooting positions alot more than 30 feet away from each other. granted its crappy cell phone video and audio but still seemes to me support the multiple shooter scenario lots of witnesses describe. also I would like to know if the reports of shots at other casinos were purposefully being made as diversions or if it was just confusion. there are multiple witnesses who saw and heard gunfire at the NYNY and fled to the kitchen. also there were people panicking and taking advantage of the confusion as well, reports of people try to take shotguns out of police cars , people at the airport runway. I would imagine in vegas there are citizens that carry concealed that could have been mistaken as aggeressors during the confusion. I just hope to hear something close to the truth when it all shakes out.

  6. I figure there’s a reason everyone is pretty tight lipped. You’re not even seeing any news reports attributed to “sources.”

  7. FWIW, using Chrome, the formatting of the comment thread is cutting off the words on the right end of each line.

      1. This happens a fair amount of the time in many different comments threads. Any idea if there’s a common element?

  8. Eyewtiness accounts are notoriously unreliable, so those who claim there was more than one, I take with a grain of salt. The videos online are all jerky and inconclusive.
    There are, however, some facts that I do wonder about:
    1 Why did room service serve 2 guests in that room on at least two occasions, according to room service receipts?
    2 What happened to the firearm that the shooter bought on his way to the hotel, just 2 hours before checking in? That rifle has not been found, so who has it? How did they get it?
    3 Where did he get the large amounts of cash he was spending? He paid CASH for a house. Who does that? A man who made a fortune in real estate would normally buy real estate with bank transfers, not a briefcase full of cash.
    4 Speaking of cash, there was a LOT of money being spent by this guy. He gambled $100,000 an hour on video poker, and according to his brother, spent weeks at a time staying in casinos, betting that kind of money. As a gambler myself, I can tell you that this gets expensive. The math says that he should have been losing somewhere around $2,000 an hour at that rate, on average. Where did he get the money?

    1. I’m actually beginning to wonder if the reason this is taking so long is they found out he was into a lot of shady and criminal dealings.

      1. Yeah. Then yesterday, it was revealed by NBC that the FBI told them there was a cell phone charger in his room that didn’t match any of the phones he owned. Also, the same article said the casino parking garage records indicate that while he was away from the hotel, his room key card was used to open the door to his room. Then, the story was flushed down the memory hole 2 hours later.

        Why does the story keep changing? What is going on here?

  9. For you X-Files fans: isn’t this where the kooks from Lone Gunman, Inc. show up? I suspect that there is a lot more to this than one kook.

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