Sounds Like a Crank

The first shots I saw in a video were about 10 seconds of very regular fire… something that you’d expect from an honest-to-God machine gun. But people have reported that some video sounded like a crank fire mechanism to them, like you’d find on a gatling gun. I have to say, I agree after seeing this video:

This guy must have done extensive planning for this to have this much hardware staged and ready to go. But what’s his beef?

UPDATE: Here we go. I’m not aware of a cranked firearm ever being used in a crime before, but that’s not going to stop attempts to reclassify them. Is it possible the shooter used a bump stock as the article mentioned? Sure. But it strikes me as rank speculation. Not that I’m not doing a lot of that here, but I’ll admit it’s rank speculation. The media won’t.

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    The latest… for what it’s worth… looks like this guy was armed with semi-auto rifles and bump fire stocks:


    2:25 p.m.

    Two officials familiar with the investigation say authorities found at least 17 guns in the hotel room of the Las Vegas shooter.

    Stephen Paddock also had two devices that are attached to the stocks of semi-automatic guns to allow fully automatic gunfire. The bump-stock devices have attracted scrutiny in recent years from authorities.

    The U.S. officials were briefed by law enforcement and spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

    Paddock killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more in the massacre that targeted a country music concert.

    1. I saw that too. I’ll wait and see what they finally put on display. According to Faux Snooze:

      “The deadly cache included converted, fully automatic AR-15 style assault rifles with high capacity magazines, according to a law enforcement source. The weaponry suggests Paddock passed numerous FBI background checks.”

      Why use a trigger crank or bump-stock if you’ve already converted you rifles to full auto?

      1. I don’t put much stock in that. Does Fox News understand the difference between a trigger crank, bump fire stock, and a true conversion? I doubt it.

        1. This has got to be the understatement of the whole thread. It is impossible to come to any conclusions when data is so lacking and what is available is corrupted by media malice and/or incompetence. And I am getting sick of LE leaks. If they have something to say, call a press conference.

        2. Does it really matter? I love pointing out media ignorance on firearms as well, but im not going to get my “actuuualllyy” on because an outlet calls a gun with a gatcrank a “converted automatic AR15” instead of a “semi-auto modified to shoot rapidly”

  2. To be honest, I’m surprised these things, and bump stocks are still legal.

    1. It’s still your finger pulling the trigger. They’d have to change the definition of a machine gun to make them illegal.

          1. Yes, illegal in Commiefornia. Using typical Commiefornia arcane and arbitrary statutory definitions.

            And as San Bernardino proved, also a totally useless gun control law.

    2. But bump fire stocks with springs on them that allow you to rest your finger on the mechanism while the spring pushes the trigger into your finger are machine guns under the NFA. The spring is considered the machine gun.

      Just to make it more confusing.

  3. There’s a story up on HotAir about a woman telling people in Vegas that they were all going to die that night. Keep ignoring the facts, but it’s fairly obvious that this was a planned attack by the Left.

    It’s also obvious that it will be 100% successful in dehumanizing gun owners and setting us up for the future genocide which will set up the neverending Communist regime.

  4. Originally most of the reporting was pretty factual But at this time I think a lot of incorrect reporting is going on. I will wait for more confirmation I admit a crank is easier to acquire.

  5. Count the number of shots fired in a fixed period of time from that video. That should tell you whether the gun was an actual FA or bump-fired or something else.

  6. I’ve also heard at least one report that two tripods were used by the murderer.

    So it that next? Banning tripods?

  7. My prediction for how this latest horror will effect gun-control legislation? More of the same.

    No changes in gun-control laws at the Federal level, just a continued stalemate. And even more pro-gun laws in pro-gun States and more anti-gun laws in anti-gun States.

    Freaking great…

  8. He was evil, and I pray for the victims.

    If he used fully automatic weapons that were smuggled into the country, say, along with illegal drugs being smuggled into the country, the media will embargo the story.

  9. Given who he killed, the political/gun control ramifications of how he killed them, and that he was rich enough to own two airplanes, I’m thinking that he was a one percenter, disgruntled Hillary supporter who saw a way to game our political system, and was psychopath enough to do it.
    Effectively, this political action/attack was Antifa on steroids. They dream of mass murdering Trump supporters. This guy is their hero, and though they will likely disown him publicly out of political convenience, they must be wishing that they could have been him.

    1. Both you right wingers and those left wingers you speak of are caught together in a deadly embrace of each other, and you both deserve contempt. This comment, Alex Jones’ story of how this guy was a patsy–OJ did it, and The Intercept blaming this on white privilege. All in the same day. You are dark mirrors of each other and no one should listen to either “side”.

        1. Did you actually read what you wrote before you hit “send”? Seriously. I recommend it. You are literally out there in the same lunatic fringe territory with the Alex Jones. I completely stand by my statement.

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