The Law: Tis For The Little People

Despite being illegal under federal law, the US Virgin Islands have declared a gun confiscation. That’s not even speaking about the constitutionality of the whole endeavor. Granted, they are handled by the 1st Circuit, which is pretty gun unfriendly, but the judges would really have to reach to justify upholding this.

For those in the path of the Irma, and I myself have a lot of family, I just want to wish you all good luck. We’re all counting on you.

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  1. Whetherman says:

    “The Law: Tis For The Little People

    For years I have been phrasing that as, “Law is only eyewash for the maases,” but I’ll accept your title as an alternate for that.

    Law is a blend of what the ruling class csn get away with, as influenced by what the masses can be propagandized to accept without an unacceptable level of resistance. What is unacceptable resistance is defined by the degree of violence the law-givers are able to bring to bear against it, and their ability to fragment resistance.

  2. aerodawg says:

    the USVI is weird anyway. Went for an anniversary trip with the wife back in March. Was shocked on the way back having to fill out customs forms for a US Territory…

  3. Whetherman says:

    If I can make a WAG about what is really intended by this, it is to discourage people (good guys or bad) from wandering around outdoors with guns after the hurricane. They’ll be afraid of having their guns confiscated. I suspect no one who is armed but stays hunkered down on their own property with guns, or is otherwise discrete with their guns, is going to have a problem.

    I’m almost willing to bet that not one single gun will be confiscated, because the powers that be recognize they are on shaky legal ground, and won’t want to provided standing for anyone to challenge their stated policy. They just want to minimize vigilantism by cop wannabes.

    That’s no intended as an apology for their policy; just my assessment of what’s really going on.

    • bor says:

      Really? I bet it is because the virgin islands are controlled by left wing aholes who want to take guns away from the people they rule… just like almost all left wing aholes out there.

      • Whetherman says:

        “Really? I bet it is because the virgin islands are controlled by left wing aholes…”

        Life must be so simple living in a monochromatic world.

        How did George Orwell pit it? “Four legs good. Two legs baaaaaad.”

        Shortly someone is sure to lecture us about “sheeple.”

  4. Whetherman says:

    This reports the situation in a semantically different way:

    Virgin Islands Authorizes National Guard To Confiscate Guns, Property, And Supplies

    National guardsmen can “appropriate” guns, ammunition, explosives and property needed to respond to Hurricane Irma…

    Mapp signed the order Monday in preparation for Hurricane Irma. It allows the Adjutant General of the Virgin Islands to seize private property they believe necessary to protect the islands, subject to approval by the territory’s Justice Department. Mapp issued an emergency declaration Tuesday and mobilized National Guard units to prepare for the massive storm.

    “This is not an opportunity to go outside and try to have fun with a hurricane,” Mapp said. “It’s not time to get on a surfboard.”

    That opened a line of thought for me I had never pursued before; if it has been and remains constitutional to “appropriate” our bodies for the military via conscription (been there); or to take our property via eminent domain for “public use,” what would make it unconstitutional to “appropriate” our guns as long as they could cobble up a “public good/use” justification? Especially if they later provided Fifth Amendment “just compensation.”

    I hope I haven’t written that too loud. . .

  5. RAH says:

    According to a person that lived there , the police force is really small. Unable to do much. I doubt that the National Guard will go door to door They might get shot So Weatherman is right that this will tell people not to go outside with firearms after the storm passes

  6. Ian Argent says:

    The copy of the order I saw authorized the Guard to “appropriate firearms [etc]” as necessary; it wasn’t a confiscation order so much as an impressment order. I’m still not happy about it, but it’s not a “give up your guns, peaceful citizens!” order.

    (Why the USVI NG would even need to impress firearms etc is beyond me)


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