Deadly High-Capacity Magazine

I guess this guy heard reports of deadly high-capacity magazines from gun control advocates and politicians, and took it to the next level.

A man tried to rob a pizza place on Ocean Boulevard Tuesday night by pointing a gun’s magazine at the employee, but the employee slapped it out of the suspect’s hands, according to a Myrtle Beach Police report.

Apparently that ejected two rounds out of the magazine, which the robber quickly scooped up and beat a retreat. Whatever that dude was on must be one hell of a drug.

3 thoughts on “Deadly High-Capacity Magazine”

  1. I’m waiting for some dummy to try the same thing with an issue of GUNS AND AMMO; at least he’d be using something good for swatting flies.

  2. He was obviously carrying the Glock 8.5B which is not only invisible to X-rays and metal detectors but also to visible light. Too bad he was using the earlier Model 8.4 Gen 3 magazines which are visible. Someone could have gotten hurt.

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