NRA Board Slate & Bylaw Changes for 2017

Tis the season of NRA voting, and while we have generally done endorsements in the past, these days I don’t quite go so far. You see, endorsing depended on us going to board meetings to talk with people and see them in action. I no longer have the time or the money to hang out in DC quite so much. But I will tell you some of the people I’m voting for.

If you want to vote for them too, knock yourself out, but know that while I see a lot of these folks at Annual Meeting, I’m not sitting in on Board or committee meetings anymore.

First, the bylaw changes: I’m voting yes. NRA has grown a lot, and requirements for recall and petition candidates ought to change with the size of the voting membership. After Glenn Beck started promoting the recall against Norquist, I realized there was a lot of room for someone willing to burn some money to cause very serious mischief within NRA. Most of these changes are aimed on closing the door on that.

As for Board members, I never vote for any celebrities. I think some of them are valuable to NRA, but they just don’t need my vote. They will win handily based on their celebrity status. So who will we vote for? There may be others, but I’d highlight these folks:

Dan Boren. Even now, I still think it’s important to keep Democrats involved in the issue. The shame is that pro-gun Dems have become an endangered species.

Graham Hill. Graham has a lot of experience at getting things done in Washington. He’s on the Board of Directors for the American Suppressor Association so knows that issue well. This fits with one of our chief legislative priorities.

Todd Rathner. Gets shit done. He’s been very active with advancing Knife Right’s agenda. He’s also going to be useful in the suppressor fight.

Kim Rhode Harryman. We need people on the Board who understand the shooting sports. Kim is a record setting multi-olympic Gold Medalist. I’d like to give her a chance and see what she can contribute.

Patricia A. Clark. Again, she’s more shooting sports oriented. She’s also from an embattled state, and I think we need to keep representation from those states.

Allan D. Cors. Current NRA President. Overall has a lot of experience with many facets of the Association.

Linda Walker. She has a record of getting shit done in her home state of Ohio. Look at Ohio now versus a decade ago. She was a key driver in a lot of that.

Again, I keep my list pretty small to help people I think might be able to use some help. There are other worthy candidates that haven’t made my list that are decent. John Richardson has a round up of other people’s thoughts here.

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    1. I actually think it should be a little harder to get on the ballot as a petition candidate. Candidates can impact winners and losers just by being on the ballot at all, even if they don’t win. This indexes things to voting members, but it isn’t being raised to such a degree that it’s an insurmountable obstacle.

    2. Right now it’s becoming possible for candidates without broad appeal to easily get enough signatures for an ego run. It probably shouldn’t be the case that a single club can get someone on the ballot.

  1. I met Kim Rhode Harryman Way back after she won her first Gold. At that time she seemed a good person dedicated to her sport and a bit shy. I have no idea what she is like now but back then I would have voted for her even if she was a bit young.

    I have noted the NRA has changed from its original purpose, a necessary change I opine. I don’t vote for celebs. Do they even show for board meetings? If so do they contribute meaningfully?

    1. Somehow I didn’t notice this comment. I can share what I know. I’ve never seen Karl Malone at a meeting, and I’ve heard he’s never been to one to even be sworn in despite being on the board for at least as long as I’ve been a serious member of the NRA. But Tom Selleck attends from time to time. I’ve seen R Lee Ermey at meetings before. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ted Nugent sit through an actual board meeting. I’m blanking on others who are or who might be considered celebrities at the moment.

      I don’t consider someone like Kim to be a celebrity in that sense. She’s actually out shooting every day and representing the sports in a substantial and meaningful way, not just happens to be a gun person and have a platform celebrity.

      I’m also not completely opposed to a couple of celebrity board members, even if they don’t attend all of the time. I think it can be helpful, especially with such a large board. But, I do think it’s dangerous if too many seats go to celebrities who don’t regularly participate.

    1. I also recommend Adam Kraut, I have had a few discussions with him and feel good about it. Also, I know Kim Rhode. She assisted in person(well actually lead, as I stood aside)teaching Women On Targets shotgun classes that I managed in California. Yes, she is a bit on the quiet side, but sits on the board of CRPA and is incredibly active. She works hard! Todd Rathner is great choice, and I went with Melanie Penna, as she was incredibly versed in the training debacle we are suffering through.

  2. Got my ballot a couple of weeks ago.
    Been hoping for your usual input on voting, and endorsement or not I do value your opinions on the candidates, most of which I know nothing about other than the info that accompanies the voting packet.

  3. I haven’t seen my ballot yet either, typically I would have had it by now.

    I agree with much of your assessment although I would add Adam Kraut as well to my list.

    I’m also a little lukewarm on Patricia Clark and Dan Boren, even though I agree it is important to ensure pro-gun democrats have representation.

  4. Those not getting their ballots should call NRA Membership at 1-800-672-3888. They can help you out. If you get a paper magazine, you should have gotten it by now. If you get electronic magazines, you should get your ballot soon.

  5. For what its worth the Buckeye Firearms Association is endorsing Sean Maloney, and Linda Walker.

    1. Yes indeed Stephana, Sean Maloney and I have both rec’d the endorsement of Buckeye Firearms Association PAC. Sean and I have traveled around the country working on many different elections. Probably the greatest was the Colorado senate recall elections, that we kicked two anti gun senators to the curb. We traveled to Iowa to work on Joni Ernst’s senate campaign and various other states. I ask that Sean also be considered for your votes when you cast them. He truly is a grassroots machine and has worked incredibly hard for NRA and gun rights. I’ve always suggested to people before casting their votes to google the name of the candidate with NRA behind it. If nothing comes up, then what have they done for NRA and the 2A?

  6. I just received my ballot today (I don’t get a paper magazine).

    I’m definitely voting NO on the bylaw changes, for the reasons Knox outlined.

  7. Thank you Sebastian for the support!!! I very much appreciate it. Yes, we have worked VERY hard over the years in Ohio to correct our gun laws. We’ve come a long ways. It has been with great sacrifice to many of us with time away from our families as well as a financial burden to our families. I believe that many people across our nation who do all this on a volunteer level would say the same thing. I’m neither a celebrity nor a rich person, far from it! But it is the RIGHT thing to do. I realized many years ago that our Second Amendment protects all of our other rights. And with that said, I do it for my grandchildren and others grandchildren so that they may grow up with the same freedoms I enjoyed as a child! It is at the grassroots level that we can protect our babies! I would encourage everyone to get involved in defense of the Second Amendment fight! Thanks again, I am humbled and honored to have your support!

  8. I just finished my ballot and appreciate the inputs to back-fill my ignorance. We just won a hard-fought national election that should reinforce the notion that every vote counts in the fight to maintain our Liberty. One reason I will not vote for Selleck is his write-in of the Dallas Police Chief that he announced proudly on The View. While it sounds noble, any vote other than Trump was a vote to install a Clinton SCOTUS and the end of the 2nd Amendment. Stupid!

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