Prepping the Ground for the Suppressor Fight

Silencing is Not a Crime

You can hate the Washington Post’s ignorant article about suppressors, but I have to admit that tying it to the Trumps was an effin’ brilliant way to frame the issue if the aim is to derail the bill. Why? Because most people don’t really give a shit or understand this issue, but if you try to imply the Trumps have something to gain from it, you trigger all the lefty hate rage, and that gets people who otherwise wouldn’t care motivated to oppose it. If the Trumps want it, surely it must be the Worst. Idea. Ever. That’s exactly what I’m seeing around social media.

The key is to speak out in favor of the issue. Put a human face on it. A lot of the same folks who complain about this bill are the same types who complain about noise emanating from gun clubs. Imagine if clubs could encourage members to use suppression? Right now that’s not a reasonable request because of the regulations. Push the training angle, and how it makes it much safer during instruction if the person being instructed can actually hear commands. This is one of those issues where we have really good arguments, and the other side is stuck hoping people believe Hollywood portrayals of how silencers work, and are willing to jump in and ra! ra! team! in opposition is the issue is framed in a way that triggers an emotional response.

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  1. I forgot how bad it was under GWB. We’re going to have to deal with 8 years of this faux-outrage. A nice counter to this nonsense is to ask the liberals why they are against it since it a background check would be required to obtain one. I thought background checks were good?!

      1. Faux or not depends on what perspective and who exactly you’re talking about…

        The inner party members and opinion shapers, are real upset about the fact that we stand to get something good.

        They themselves are faux outrage about silencers, and are instead just using the lie of Hollywood quiet to whip the useful idiots into a frothing mess.

  2. “In the video, after he’s shown shooting several guns with silencers, Trump Jr. says they can help with getting “little kids into the game.””

    That was a brilliant quote. And at the end of the article. Implies Trump Jr wants kids to get guns. Great Job!

    Also, the article starts with the requisite accusation of the nefarious gun industry

    “Now the gun industry, which for decades has complained about the restrictions, is pursuing new legislation to make silencers easier to buy”

  3. “Don’t you want to be like Europe where in some places auppressors are mandatory safety equipment?”

  4. Could backfire as a strategy, especially if the NRA in a media blitz quotes a bunch of Euros and NZers about suppressors. Makes Trump look smart and reasonable and further damages the left’s position on him early in his presidency.

  5. “They argue the legislation will make it easier for criminals and potential mass shooters to obtain devices to conceal attacks” – that’s crazy, criminals always have access to guns and equipment they need.

  6. The ignorance on the issue is strong.
    Take this

    Even in an article that mocks Hollywood for being out of touch with reality, and chastises Democrats for not doing their homework on issues…

    The writer clutches pearls over Silencers

    A lot of Republicans actually want the federal government to loosen restrictions on gun silencers. What? Think of all the people who are alive today because they heard the sounds of shots fired and escaped to safety.

    Gun noise prevents gun deaths, and that’s that. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous.

    What’s funny is the guy apparently called “an authentic, smart, tea party Republican” and didn’t figure out /why/ they were advocating for a change in law, what the current legal system was, or how silent a silencer would make various calibers….

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