Weekly Gun News – Edition 50


I skipped last week because of our election results, and there’s no shortage of fun stuff out there. But a lot of it is not directly gun related. Here goes:

$65 million is a lot of money to spend for a nail biter in one state and a loss in another. I’ll have to kick a couple of hundred bucks to ILA and PVF during a month when I have some breathing room. They had to spend big this year.

Not surprised to find out Shannon Watts has scared children. Clearly she hasn’t listened to The Liberty Zone. This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve witnessed this election. If your kids are scared because your candidate lost, you’re a shitty parent. Time to teach the kids a civics lesson.

Ammo serialization in Illinois is making waves again, and it looks like the makers of the technology are part of the coalition backing it. We’ve seen crony capitalists jump on the gun control bandwagon to commit regulatory capture before.

Nigel Farage wants to do away with the UK’s handgun ban.

Vuurwapen Blog is raising money for legal defense again. Seems the Fire Clean people are not done with them yet.

Seattle won’t release how much tax money it’s collected via it’s “gun violence” tax on guns. That’s because it was never about raising revenue.

What Trump is saying about guns.

This was my thought too: the everybody gets a trophy generation has finally learned what it’s like to lose an election. Boo hoo. Other thoughts from Scott Adams: it’s their first fake Hitler scare.

Reason: Trump Won Because Leftist Political Correctness Inspired a Terrifying Backlash.

John Richardson finds some big last minute news on Question 1 in Nevada. Bloomberg lost one his board members, Steve Wynn, after he realized he’d been hoodwinked. Sadly, too late in the game. If this had come a few weeks before I think we would have beat him in Nevada too.

Also, John Richardson has been searching the Wikileaks. It’s a top-down movement of elites.

New Jersey’s Attorney General has conceded that the state’s stun gun ban is unconstitutional.

Mike Dillon of Dillon Precision has died. Heaven just got a lot bluer.

Written by a Bernie supporter: Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won.

Armslist won its case against a Brady Campaign funded suit. They won it under the CDA. Good news.

The Federalist: How Jon Stewart and The Daily Show Elected Donald Trump. Yeah, the smug was strong with that one. I stopped watching years ago, though I thought he was more even handed in his early years at TDS.

Revenge of the Bitter Clingers?

The 2016 election has done nothing to assuage my concerns that gun control supporting Democrats are still winning all the state wide state offices. I suspect the truth may be that Rafferty ran a terrible campaign.

Science: I’m still skeptical of the EM drive, but it would be wonderful if this is true.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 50”

  1. On Jon Stewart: He started the daily show when I was in college, and that’s where my friends got most of their news. I watched because he was funny, but recognized the slant.

    I stopped watching when he brought some conservative author on–I cant remember who–to talk about his new book. The guy was introduced, came out smiling, sat down in the chair next to Stewart, and then Stewart immediately began attacking him over stuff in the book.

    Didn’t ease in to it at all. Didn’t let the guy respond before moving to another attack. Started interrupting every time the guy got a half sentence out.

    1. Was it Jonah Goldberg on his book “Liberal Fascism”? They never released the full interview. I wonder why.

  2. Regarding Rafferty, I think you’re right.

    I don’t remember hearing much in the way of advertisements for/by his campaign, and that’s something that you need to do — the only republican candidates on the ballot that won in statewide races are the ones that I and heard advertisements for. I don’t remember hearing/seeing a single advertisement for the republican candidates for Auditor General, Attorney General, or State Treasurer, and all three lost. I saw plenty of ads for Toomey and Trump, and both won.

    Also, I spoke with a gentleman over the weekend about the race, and he was not a fan of Rafferty given Rafferty’s apparent support of various tax hikes that occurred under Corbett.

    In other words, the gas tax hike may also have helped drag Rafferty down, just like it helped drag Corbett down.

  3. EM drive does work, just not producing huge thrusts yet. There is more work to do, but its looking pretty good. Pretty exciting actually.

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