Don Kates Dies

This is a real loss for our community:

I’ve received the following. For those who can remember the beginnings of the 2A movement, Don was the person who took it mainstream, with his article in the Michigan Law Review. He thereafter served an invaluable function in reaching out to academia […]

His work represented a key foundation of the Heller and McDonald decisions. I think it’s reasonable to argue that without Don Kates there would have been no Heller and McDonald. It would be awful for his memory if those cases end up reversed or limited to meaninglessness by future courts. Let us hope that does not happen.

8 thoughts on “Don Kates Dies”

  1. “For those who can remember the beginnings of the 2A movement…”

    I shouldn’t raise this issue if it is going to distract from the more somber issue of Don Kates passing, and I’m self conscious about it being the first comment, at least as I’m typing it; but…

    “The beginnings of the 2A movement” to my personal memory predated Don Kates appearance on the national scene, by at least 20 years.

    I was quite radicalized on 2A issues before I graduated from high school, and that was before JFK was assassinated. (It could be arguably claimed that the JFK assassination marked the beginning of the modern anti-2A movement. )

    As many of you know, a 2A movement was well underway before even the NRA chose to get involved.

    1. Dave Hardy is a bit younger than you, but he’s speaking of the academic movement to establish the Second Amendment as an individual right. That started later than the grassroots movement.

  2. Can someone please pass the rusty chainsaw. I have a few words for 2016…

  3. Tragic news. As amazing as 2016 has been, losing Kates and Scalia has been terrible.

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