Really? This is a Controversy?

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Looks like Shannon Watts is gunning up controversy because NRA decided kids might enjoy some fun targets. I know this is hard for certain people to believe, but a lot of responsible parents teach their kids to shoot, and the kids might find some targets a bit more enjoyable to shoot than others. Hell, even I think it this looks like a fun and challenging target.

Upon seeing the NRA’s post, the consensus among Twitter users was shock. Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, called out the association for marketing guns to American children.

Shannon Watts, a gun control group, and a couple of other people now represent a consensus? It’s an insult to the millions of parents who teach their kids how to safely shoot to suggest that something like this represents “marketing guns to children.” If you don’t think these people will pass laws that prevent you from teaching your kids to shoot if they ever had the political power, you’re kidding yourselves.

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  1. The only people allowed to comment on Twitter any more are leftist bullies. Twitter actively showbans everyone else. “the consensus among Twitter users ” is really the consensus of people allowed to comment. Not sure why anyone cares about what leftists bullies on Twitter think.

    1. Pretty much. “The consensus of Twitter users” is like “the consensus of Joan Petersen’s commenters”; she’s already banned most of the pro-gun voices and operates in an echo chamber.

      May as well write an article saying, “95% of poll respondents support Hillary for President”, and hide in the fine print that the poll was only offered to known-registered Democrats.

  2. I was actually holding my breath in anticipation of what sort of targets I would find they were talking about. Instead, my reaction is really?, that directed equally at both the NRA and its critics.

    This idea seems so nerdy to me that it could almost guarantee an entire generation of non-shooters. I can’t help wonder if the people who conceived it ever had kids, or were even kids themselves!

    It is very, very hard to get most kids into punching paper of any kind. Kids like things that shatter and break and fly up in the air. Or at least, jump up in the air a little, like a tin can.

    One way I got into “precision shooting” was placing my little plastic soldiers into “trenches” in the plowed field behind the house in the spring, and playing sniper with my dad’s .22 target rifle. I ran out of toy soldiers very quickly.

    It is possible one of the greatest losses to the shooting sports was the passing of the good old town dump. Talk about a target-rich environment! Even an unfortunate rat, now and then!

    As failed marketing ideas go, this one for some reason reminds me of when Lionel created pink electric trains, thinking that would make toy trains appealing to little girls. I believe they only sold to fathers of little girls, who wished they had little boys. I doubt a pink train set was ever on any little girl’s wish-list.

    Just like I doubt any little kid is going to be nagging his parents to go to the range to play Candy Land with a rifle.

    1. I agree about Candy Land with the rifle, but Battleship one looks like a lot of fun, and would be in the same vein as your toy soldiers.

  3. If you don’t think these people will pass laws that prevent you from teaching your kids to shoot if they ever had the political power, you’re kidding yourselves.

    No need to speculate. Remember how they used the Charles Vacca tragedy to try and ban minors from shooting “machine guns”? And how even though they sold it as being for “machine guns” they slipped in “assault weapons” (a class of firearms several orders of magnitude more common). Using anti logic, they claimed the “assault” features that make a gun easier to control when you are trying to kill people make it harder to control when you don’t want to kill people.

  4. When Shannon Watts isn’t being a pointy-headed robot from another planet conducting yet another PR campaign, she has nothing to do.

  5. That I gave them permission to use my personal information for one purpose does not automatically grant them permission to use it for another.

    Of course, the lawyers disagree with me.

    The lawyers are wrong.

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