Fact Check Sites Covering for Hillary on Guns

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OK folks, it’s time to take a rare turn for me and turn on rant mode. Some foul language will proceed.

Ordinary media bias pisses me off, but the bias found at these bullshit “Fact Checker” sites piss me off more than you can imagine. Some of the poorly educated millennials that must run these sites can’t even seem to discern the difference between fact and opinion. That’s something I think mot of us learned in elementary school. If I can’t rely on these phony baloney fact check sites to understand the difference between opinions and facts, why should I trust them on anything else? When you present your opinion as fact checking, you’re not a fact checker, you’re a propagandist. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a propagandist, but a writer should have integrity enough to admit it when they’re doing it.

The Washington Post fact check site wants us to believe it’s four Pinocchios that Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe Americans can keep guns at home. Are you fucking kidding me? The same Hillary Clinton that said at a fundraiser:

“The Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.”

Do you want to argue that she never said that? Is this is all a fabrication of the looney toons right wing media conspiracy and Faux News? Computer generated voiceover from Alex Jones’ secret sound lab? Talented impersonator? Because otherwise, the fact is that she said that. What the Supreme Court said, and what Hillary says they got wrong, was that the right to bear arms was a fundamental, individual right, unconnected from service in the militia, and in doing so they threw out Washington DC’s ban on having handguns in the home. Later in McDonald decision, they said the right applies to state and local government, and threw out Chicago’s complete and total handgun ban in the home. Hillary Clinton believes that was wrongly decided, and when behind closed doors not realizing she was being recorded, told donors as much.

So, sorry WaPo bullshit fact checkers, but Hillary said herself she doesn’t think you should be able to own handguns in the home. Residents of Washington DC and Chicago are Americans, and their laws said no handguns in the home. The Supreme Court threw that out and she says they were wrong. This is what we call an indisputable fact, in case they didn’t teach you that in whatever shitty journalism school you all went to.

Politifact, a project of the Tampa Bay Times, is little better, claiming that Hillary doesn’t want to abolish the Second Amendment. They also just recently claimed that Clinton’s views don’t go against the Constitution.


The Supreme Court has ruled the Second Amendment guarantees the right of citizens to bear arms. Clinton supports gun control policies that gun-rights advocates call contrary to its interpretation.

Clinton said in her speech to the Democratic National Convention that she was “not here to repeal the Second Amendment.” In an interview on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Clinton said, “I believe we can have common-sense gun safety measures consistent with the Second Amendment.”

PolitiFact earlier this year rated as False Trump’s claim that Clinton “wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment.”

I just established the assertion that Hillary has said she wanted to effectively abolish the Second Amendment is unarguably true. They act as if Clinton doesn’t personally break into the National Archives, rip the Second Amendment out of the original Constitution, stuff it down Sandy Berger’s pants and then set him on fire, well, you’re just a bunch of delusional right-wing jackals for believing what Hillary says to donors behind closed doors. PolitiFact.com are no better on the First Amendment:

Hillary Clinton does not agree with the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission.

The Supreme Court held in the case that restrictions could not be placed on how corporations spend money to influence an election. In the opinion of the court, since corporations have the same rights as individuals, they are also guaranteed free speech under the First Amendment.

That does not mean Clinton does not believe in the First Amendment. It means she, like many others, does not agree with the court’s interpretation of the First Amendment in this case.

Let’s get something straight here assholes: if I tell you that the Court got it correct when they ruled in favor of Citizen’s United, that’s an opinion you jackass, not a fact. If I argue that Clinton’s position on Citizen’s United means she doesn’t believe in the First Amendment, that’s my opinion. There no facts to dispute here. I doubt the recent college graduate from journalism school who probably compiled this article has ever read Citizen’s United v FEC. Often times, if I make a horrible mistake and end up arguing in a thread on social media, sometimes I have to say, usually a good bit more politely, “Go read the whole decision, and at least then we can have a discussion based on the actual case, and not whatever caricatures of it you’ve picked up from social media memes and propaganda rags.” I don’t mean to just target lefties here. Read any internet argument about an area where you have a decent level domain knowledge, and you’ll quickly realize 95% of people in the thread have almost no idea what they are talking about.

Citizen’s United is a non-profit corporation, and like many political non-profits, it has a conservative bent. It is not a charity, but a 501(c)(4), just like the National Rifle Association, the ACLU, NARAL, etc. Citizen’s United wanted to air a film critical of Hillary Clinton before an election. Get that? They wanted to air a film critical of a politician prior to an election. That is the very heart of the First Amendment. If the First Amendment can’t protect Americans from pooling their resources to more effectively engage in political speech, you might as well rip the First Amendment from the Bill of Rights and stuff it down Sandy Berger’s pants for all the good it will do protecting our liberties. Personally, if you think Citizen’s United was wrongly decided, I feel pretty safe saying you don’t believe in the First Amendment. In fact, to be frank, if you think Citizen’s United was wrongly decided, you scare the hell out of me.

I don’t like that Bloomberg can outspend us all year long, and single handedly reverse the work of millions of individual gun owners, but he has just as much of a right to speak out on political issues as you and I do. Granted, he has the coin to have a voice far louder than me, and far louder than 5 million of us pooling our meager resources. I don’t like it, but it’s a cost we have to pay to be free. A world where we all speak individually is a world where individuals have no voice, and where Bloomberg and people like him will be the only voice. If you believe Citizen’s United was wrongly decided, you actually believe our First Amendment freedoms should be effectively without meaning, and that only the rich and the established deserve to speak freely.

I once thought the Internet was going to change politics for the good, enlighten us as a people, make us better informed, and make politicians and bureaucrats more accountable. Then social media came along, and boy did I turn out to be wrong! Trump and Clinton are really just manifestations of the social media zeitgeist and the cultural wasteland it has created.

Rant mode off.

17 thoughts on “Fact Check Sites Covering for Hillary on Guns”

  1. The comparison I like to draw is to Roe v. Wade, and what the reaction by the media would be if someone said that the Supreme Court got it wrong.

    1. “Settled law” is any court case I agree with.

      “Needs review” is any court case I don’t like.

  2. Hear, hear! On everything.

    Those “fact checkers” say Trump is lying about Hillary because Hillary is telling the truth. When Hillary says, “I don’t want to abolish the second amendment, but…” they assign that statement as “truth” so therefore anything that contradicts that statement must be false. Wow, what intrepid fact checking. It could just as easily be the other way around.

    On the first amendment, they’re basically saying you have a right to speak your mind politically until you pay people to produce it into film and pay people to broadcast it. If you can do that all yourself, then you’re not a corporation and you still have rights. And what really gets me is watching Steven Colbert– excuse me– watching Viacom through Steven Colbert’s voice talk about how corporations aren’t people and shouldn’t be able to broadcast political opinions. What if McCain Feingold didn’t carve out a nice media exemption? Tell me how corporations aren’t people then.

  3. “We shall spoon feed you little bits of socialism, until one day, you WILL wake up with communism”. – Former Dictator of…..the former Soviet Union.

    The press is a propaganda wing of the radical, Marxist-Socialist Left, and as the old saying goes; “Once you’ve lost the press, you’ve lost the country”.

    Face it guys, the country is lost, and its beyond the issue of the 2nd Amendment.

  4. A long time ago we beat “common sense poll legislation”. If we hang together we can beat both “common sense gun legislation” and the “common sense privacy legislation” that we have.


  5. Excellent rant! I’d ask for more, but I know how writing these things makes the blood pressure red-line. Don’t risk your health to make me happy, please.

    The Washington Post fact checker has always had a liberal bent. That’s no surprise. When Obama pulled the whole “40% of guns are sold without a background check” line, it was demonstrably false but they only gave it a whopping … TWO Pinnochios. They upgraded it to THREE later, when after showing it was false Obama nevertheless continued using the line.

    So I’m not at all surprised they’re in the bag for Hillary and willing to shove their opinions down our throats as “facts” to support her. It’s the new “investigative journalistic standard” I’ve come to expect.

  6. politifact(lie) is a product of the Poynter Institute. Nelson Poynter who founded the st. pete times(the forerunner of the tampa bay times) was also a founding member of the American Socialist Party in 1934(?).

  7. These so-called “fact checkers” have been lying about gun-control as far back as 2008, when they did all that they could to give Obama cover on the gun-issue. Surprise surprise they are doing the exact same favor for Hillary this election.

  8. Well … yes. It’s only disappointing that it had to be said. On the other hand, not enough Real People are saying it.

    After all, Hillary has been after guns (and trying to ram socialized medicine down our throats) since she was The First Woman President, hiding behind Bill’s First StrawMan role.

  9. There is no apostrophe in “Citizens United.” It’s multiple citizens, not belonging to a citizen.

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