Attorney General Convicted on ALL Charges


Pennsylvania’s proud first female Attorney General hasn’t been able to practice law for months. Tonight, she was found guilty of perjury, obstruction, and other counts of abusing her official position in order to exact illegal revenge on an opponent.

Did I mention that the Clintons are huge supporters?

It shouldn’t be surprising that Kathleen Kane’s attorney indicates that she’s still not going to make any move to resign. The woman won’t give up, despite widespread calls from her party to resign. She has not yet been jailed, but she must come back to court tomorrow to surrender her passport, and she was issued a warning that any hint of retaliation against witnesses will put her behind bars immediately.

17 thoughts on “Attorney General Convicted on ALL Charges”

  1. So the Highest Ranking law enforcement official in Penn. is a CROOK. Wonder who’s example she took to heart on that behavior? We have had some STUNNING examples in the USAG’s office from which to choose.

  2. The Kane fiasco demonstrates the risks you take when you elect someone to high office with zero political resume.

    Did the Kane scandal hurt the Democratic Party in the State? Or hurt the SJW?

    1. Not sure I follow you. How does a lack of political resume imply corrupt behavior? Incompetent performance, yes, but not being a crook.

  3. Meet CNN’s newest consultant on ethics in public office.

    Seriously, they will have her on air attacking conservatives not long after she serves whatever pittance of a sentence she must.

  4. Does PA law have no provision for removal of an officeholder convicted of a felony? I thought most states did.
    And how can a disbarred ex-attorney act as an attorney general? Doesn’t the AG have to make attorney-type decisions and rulings? Wouldn’t those decisions and rulings automatically be invalid?
    I have to go now. My head hurts.

    1. From what I’ve read she will be required to resign after sentencing, so technically she can still serve until then.

      Any way we can get her anti-reciprocity decisions overturned via the legislature? Will there be a special election for AG or does one get appointed in the interim?

      1. There does not appear to be any explicit language in the state constitution.

  5. Remember, she had her campaign paid for by Bloomberg. Which was an immediate red flag about her ethics.


    I literally jumped out of my seat cheering at the news.

    Can’t wait till she is gone.

  7. I kind of noticed that this Major news event is not being reported by the major news organizations. I wonder why?

  8. Good bloody riddance. Holding onto the office until removed forcibly is a measure of the respect she has for it, and the citizens she “served”.

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