That’s a Lot of Names

The Terrorists Watch List has hit 1,000,000 names.  Who’s on it?  How do you end up getting on there?  How do you get yourself off there if there’s a mistake?  We don’t know! Well we know at least one person on the list, and Ted Kennedy.

That’s the beauty of it for the gun control groups, and power hungry authoritarians like Senator Frank Lautenburg.  By making it illegal to sell a gun to anyone who is on this mystery list, we can take away the constitutional rights we don’t approve of, with no due process.  I thought only Bush was the one mugging our civil rights over the war on terror?

2 thoughts on “That’s a Lot of Names”

  1. I have occasionally come across items which say that if your name is on the list you can apply to have it removed.

    Usually with commentary to the effect that it takes a couple of years to get a response, and usually that is “your name may be the same as someone who does belong on the list, so we cannot remove it.”

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