Bob Casey’s New Gun Control Plan

Sen. Bob Casey who ran a campaign to get the support of gun owners changed his tune quite a while ago. He’s on board with the sweeping semi-auto bans, private sale bans, and magazine bans.

Now he wants to make gun owners a felon if they are even suspected of potential crimes – beyond the standard “terror watch list” restriction which could end your right to possess firearms just for having the same name as some person who may not have even visited this country.

Convictions, evidence, and watch list status are no longer required under the plan he announced today. Let someone give your name as a suspect in some crime that happens to include a victim in a protected class, and you lose your Constitutional rights.

“The Hate Crimes Prevention Act would prohibit the purchase, possession or shipment of a firearm by anyone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime or who received a hate crime sentence enhancement, and prohibit the sale of firearms to anyone reasonably suspected to be guilty of a misdemeanor hate crime. “

(Link via Reason.)

6 thoughts on “Bob Casey’s New Gun Control Plan”

  1. Dangerous. We already have SCOTUS precedent saying felons can reasonably be stripped of their rights, followed by a push to make even minor crimes into felonies.

    If they can make misdemeanors — or worse, being “reasonably suspected” of being guilty of a misdemeanor — into crimes worthy of a lifetime disqualification….

  2. Serious question: What crimes can one commit, that would be eligible for “hate crime enhancement,” that would not themselves be punishable by a sentence that would automatically disqualify the perpetrator from gun ownership, even without “enhancement?”

    Vandalism, perhaps? Like spray-painting a swastika or racial slur on a wall? And, I don’t want to sound like I’m condoning such things, but in that example which sounds like a typical stupid kids’ trick, do we really want to deny rights forever?

    Just like the terror watch list, everything surrounding “hate crime enhancement” sounds just too subjective.

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