Playing Catch Up

Run Away

I arrived back from Louisville to an urgent client project with a deadline of Friday, so I’ve been unable to post. We will be returning to our regularly scheduled blogging shortly. I’ll probably have a few things later this afternoon. Do you ever feel like taking vacation isn’t worth it? One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that two weeks is the minimum to really unwind and forget about work. Anything under that and you tend to just shift work around, rather than really accommodate for vacation time.

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  1. I frequently joke that I can’t wait to get back to work to recover from my vacations, which would be funny if it generally weren’t true. Ten days in Vegas for SHOT is exhausting given that it’s usually like this year: range days before and after, up at 6am, hitting the show all day, getting back to the room after dinner and meeting with people until around 10pm, trying to keep up with the world in the spaces between, visiting various friends living in the area, going hiking in Death Valley, helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon, spending time with various friends in Philly before and after the trip for dinner and fun…it makes me tired just thinking about it! My weekend trips tend to be for shooting purposes with the attendant prep before, setup there, and cleaning after. Looking forward to possibly relaxing when I visit a good friend in Fort Worth this July, too hot to do much other than drink beer and have someone else cook, although I doubt his wife will let us get away with not firing up the smoker and cooking one of our famous dinners at least once while I’m there. But that actually *is* relaxing and used to be a Sunday ritual when they lived here in PA.

    Wouldn’t trade any if it for anything apparently. After SHOT I was not sure if I wanted to do it again next year, but I started checking out flights and hotels a month ago!

  2. Yep, I know what you mean. I’m on a 11 day vacation right now and it’s flown by. Funny enough, I’ve been having dreams about work. Can’t seem to avoid it!

  3. After most vacations, I feel like I need a vacation! I finally had a different experience this year. Returned to the daily drudge refreshed. I now know that that is possible.

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