Weekly Gun News – Edition 36


Time to clear the tabs out. Often when I do this I end up with a few more posts where it turns out I had more to say about a link than I originally thought I would.

Hillary tears are even sweeter than hippie tears: Bernie Sanders wins West Virginia. That should have been Hillary country, but telling coal miners you’ll put them out of a job in coal country is usually not a winning strategy.

The New Hampshire legislature has sent Constitutional Carry to the Governor yet again. She vetoed it last time.

The Governor of Arizona signs two gun bills and vetoes one. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand the bill he vetoed, which seems to have to do with an interstate gun compact (which I’ve never heard of). The two he signed were campus carry and enhanced preemption, kind of like what we had for a bit here in PA.

Clayton Cramer: Can Assault Weapon Bans survive rational basis scrutiny? They can survive any kind of scrutiny if we end up with an Court packed by Hillary appointees!

Missouri is considering a bevy of pro-gun bills, including “stand your ground” or removing the duty to retreat. Miguel highlights part of Bloomberg’s campaign to stop it, which grossly misunderstands self-defense and how it works in practice and law. More on that campaign here.

SayUncle: The Trumpeting. You kind of have to laugh at it, because the alternative is depressing.

Shooting Illustrated will become an official journal of the NRA, meaning you can get it with your membership. I received some complimentary copies for a while, and it absolutely deserves to be elevated to one of the member choices.

Jim Shepherd things we may be seeing Gun Culture 3.0 forming. To me it looks more like Gun Culture 2.5. His idea for manufacturers doing “fitting days” is great, though.

Our opponents are always surprised to find there are assholes on the Internet. Do they think top NRA officials haven’t received death threats? Lots of nastiness out there on both sides.

This looks to me like something pitched from gun control groups. If I see Theme and Variation out there in the media on this motif I’ll know for sure it is. Why? Because it’s a great narrative for them, and all they have to do is claim it’s so, and fine one chief somewhere to quite, and bam, cops are against liberalizing gun laws.

Remember folks, they aren’t against money in politics, they are just against your money in politics. Bloomberg is spending big on state level races. This will eventually make things very difficult for us.

Is there really anyone out there who get their political opinions from vapid celebrities? Sadly, I know the answer to that and it is, well, sad. I haven’t been to a movie in years, and I don’t miss it. Don’t feed the monster!

Democrats in New Jersey are dead set against even loosening their may-issue regime even slightly. I don’t notice that Delaware, which has a may-issue regime far more liberal than even Christie has proposed, is a cesspool of crime.

John Richardson got the gun question from his doctor and lied. That’s probably the easiest path forward, but the truth is that it’s none of their damned business unless you’re being treated for a mental health issue that makes you a danger to yourself or others.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 36”

  1. Clayton Cramer’s paper is pure genius. Its not going to change anyone’s mind by itself. Anyone who knows the difference between a bullet and a meatball will already know what he wrote, and anyone who wants to ban guns incrementally under the guise of closing never ending loopholes as common sense reform won’t care either.

    What the paper is though, is a well thought out presentation that can be used in 2A litigation.

    Will it carry the day? Probably not.

    Will it be the one source that tips a future court ruling in favor of the 2A? Who knows.

    But its far better to have such authorities than not, and the more scholarly articles we have the better.

    I’d love to see more like this, and even more that show how the mental gymnastics used to support gun control can be easily used to encroach other parts of the BoR.

  2. I think you’re missing a link – “This looks to me like something pitched from gun control groups” has no hyperlink.

  3. That bill that the Arizona governor vetoed would’ve stopped the Bloomberg gun registration universal background check “Proposition” in its tracks. Would’ve made that if passes null and void by default. I can understand why he didn’t sign it but that doesn’t mean I like it.

  4. The Gulfport Chief is a surprise to me. It’s not unusual for Chiefs in liberal towns to spout that kind of nonsense but it’s unusual from a homegrown southern chief.

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