Nothing Like Mocking Gun Owners for a Cheap Laugh, Eh?

Samantha Bee of TBS’s Full Frontal tries to fraudulently obtain an Eddie Eagle costume for the purpose of mocking the NRA and gun ownership. She doesn’t succeed, but the video is pretty awful. Count the number of gun safety violations. What a stuck up ignoramus she is. Hard to believe people actually watch that trash.

I’ll use it again, because it’s appropriate:

Picard Trump Meme

12 thoughts on “Nothing Like Mocking Gun Owners for a Cheap Laugh, Eh?”

    1. Turner Broadcasting System. Ted Turner, the hero of America’s Cup in 1976, turned liberal and bought a cable network to push his ideology. He did fund a couple of great civil war movies, though.
      – Arnie

        1. Oh. Sorry, I should have known. 😌

          Yeah, I reckon TBS doesn’t get any more viewers than MSNBC. In fact, this is the first time I’d even heard of Samantha Bee.
          – Arnie

      1. He also bought up the rights to many great old cartoons like Popeye and Speedy Gonzales and banned them from being shown again because he decided that they were racist or otherwise disrespectful to certain groups.

  1. And amazingly nobody was killed, even with all those guns!
    Wow, what’s the odds of none of those guns wanting to kill anyone with that big audience full of targets?!?!
    I’m shocked any of them made it out of the building alive!
    (Sarcasm off)


    National Review has a pretty good writeup.

    By Lopez’s logic, it should be more difficult to purchase a tank of gasoline than to open a McDonalds franchise, or harder to purchase an automobile than to convince your unwilling neighbor to sell you his blankets. But it’s not. Why? Well, because in one case the supply is restricted by the property’s owners, and in the other it is not.

  3. Another analogy…

    Let’s say there’s an artist who has publically stated a desire to take a historical gun and cut it up and use it for an art piece.
    (Maybe they’ve done it before with more common weapons).

    And let’s say the NRA museum is having a sale of some items (duplicates, fund raising for different stock ect).

    You think the NRA museum would want to sell a historical artifact to someone who plants to destroy it?

    It’d be like demanding a rare book library sell to book burners.

  4. I’m as anti-intellectual-property as they can come, but I can’t help but think that the NRA isn’t just within their rights, but it’s also in their best interest, to reserve their own Eddie Eagle costumes for the teaching of gun safety, and to put rules on their costumes that insist Eddie Eagle is used specifically for that goal.

    In the end, Samantha actually stumbled onto the right thing to do when you want to parody something: you make it yourself. Indeed, as much as I think Mickey Mouse in particular (and all of Disney’s works in general) shouldn’t be protected by copyright, it would be ridiculous for me to go to Disney and say “I would like to parody Mickey Mouse. Could you give me all historical film and the animated cells you happen to have of Mickey Mouse?”

    And yes, the gun handling made me cringe as well.

  5. I have to think that Samantha Bee is guilty of straw purchases. Who paid for the guns? Was that her money or the networks?

    1. Doesn’t matter who paid, as long as the person filling out the 4473 was the “real purchaser”, in the sense of being the person who ends up owning it when the transactions are all finished.

      I can give anyone (who isn’t prohibited) the money to buy a gun; it’s a straw purchase only if they’re buying it for me, which is different than “with my money, but for their ownership/use”.

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