Mississippi Passes Constitutional Carry

By a vote margin of 85-35, the Mississippi House voted to concur with the Senate and send their Constitutional Carry Bill to the governor, who is expected to sign. Mississippi will become the 10th Constitutional Carry state, on the heels of Idaho. We have made the 1/5th mark!

I really like the good news. But we’re showing we can improve states that were already pretty solid in. Bloomberg, meanwhile, is using his fortune to nibble at the periphery. As a great man once said, we have to punch back twice as hard. Bloomberg needs to be dealt an epic defeat in one of the states he’s got his eye on, like Oregon, Washington, or Nevada.

Now, I better end this post before I have to make my fingers type “Mississippi” again :)

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  1. To be an optimist:

    A) Bloomberg is gathering victories, but he’s also getting shot down, and his cost-benefit is HUGE.

    B)The more liberal red states become and the more restrictive blue states become, the easier it is to argue that gun control is abject garbage.

    Of course living in Massachusetts, I’d rather not have it come to that, so we continue to fight, and fight hard…and honestly we really in Mass, while the political waters are fairly stagnant on guns, we’ve only been gaining small steps for freedom in the last few decades, and losing very little (I’d argue none)

    1. Massachusetts is hard. Vote in GOP legislatures that are pro gun and a governor and you can do it. But it takes time It took 20 years of effort in the Southern solidly Democratic states.

      MD just got a new governor and couple of GOP more in the MD house and Senate. But it will take consistent effort and we are a 2-1 Democratic state.
      I have hopes that the recent court decision invalidating MD gun law will be sustained.

    2. The more liberal red states become and the more restrictive blue states become, the easier it is to argue that gun control is abject garbage.

      The more rights-respecting red states become and the more rights-denying blue states become — with no increase in crime in those red states (but often a dramatic increase in those blue states) — the easier it is to argue that “gun control” is rubbish.

  2. That is 3 states in 3 months this year. I like this progress.Bloomberg has been slapped down and he still continues. He will not stop unless he loses his money. So we have to keep up the pressure r in the states. Make sure that GOP gun rights Governors are voted in Louisiana was in good hands under Jindel and Virgiana was too until Mc Auliff Both states felt safe enough to vote in a Democrat and the predictable problems follow.

    It really bothers me that so many gun rights activists do not understand that guns and Democrats do not go together.Gore . Clinton, Schumer. O Malley,Cuomo and Bloomberg. The list goes on .

  3. Sebastian if you want to push gun rights I suggest we help this effort.

    Right here. Guy Smith, its central person, hopes to expand efforts toward pro-gun Youtube messages and undertake other projects.

    “To continue this winning streak, we need your help. We want to continue educating the masses, like we did last year when we:
    • Broke the code on why some polls show gun ownership steady while others show it declining.
    • Showed that “lax law” states are not the source of crime guns, but that “strict law” states are.
    • Launched a YouTube channel with snappy 60-second videos for you to share.
    • Showed why “universal” background checks are not universal, and why they make no difference in gun crime.
    • Ignited a push-back to the phony “gun violence research” drive, a counter-punch already organically circulating on the net.
    • Deconstructed the myth that firearms are an anti-woman issue.
    • Destroyed the Missouri myth that getting permission to buy a gun stops crime.
    • Demonstrated why American street gangs are the prime source of gun violence.
    • Showed that permitless (constitutional) carry is a non-problem.”


  4. “Mississippi will become the 10th Constitutional Carry state, on the heels of Wyoming.”

    “Idaho Becomes 9th Constitutional Carry State”

    I think some proofreading (proofcounting?) is in order. I don’t remember being annexed by Wyoming, but I have been pretty busy lately. I may have simply overlooked the memo.

      1. What’s your point?

        If Idaho is the 9th, then how can MS become 10th “on the heels of WY”?

        Parse it out.

  5. Although this is excellent news (especially for the people of Mississippi!) I still say our next target for unrestricted carry has to be one of the populous Midwestern states: Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Michigan.

    1. Since when is Pennsylvania a Midwestern state? W Va is unrestricted I think the next target ought to be VA. They have the legislative clought and Mc Auliff is leaving soon. I think the have enough votes to over ride a veto of McAuliff.

      NH is trying to permit less.

      1. With all the crap that happened in December in Virginny, it is a tough road ahead. The VA Senate is 21R and 19D, with a Lt. Gov. being a D. Constitutional Carry failed in the VA Senate when an R Senator voted with the D’s and the Lt. Gov voted against to break the tie. The R Senator needs to be challenged by a pro 2A R candidate. Hopefully, in 2017 VA voters can end this stupidity by putting in a few pro 2A politicians in the executive branch (Gov, Lt. Gov. and AG). But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening, since Northern VA has been invaded by natives from NY, NJ, MD, and a few from PA, who have brought their blue-state full-retardedness to VA. Fairfax County, VA has gone full retard blue, which isn’t good.

      2. I have friends from back home in NY that consider PA to be midwestern culturally speaking, especially anything west of the Alleghenies. I feel like it’s more a blend of east coast, midwest, and appalachia myself.

        1. It’s ze German belt. Once you get outside of the Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania is very heavily people of German descent. Those are ze same Germans that settled that part of the midwest.

  6. Excellent news!

    There seems to be some question as to what is or is not a Constitutional Carry state. Arkansas in particular.

    But no matter which way you slice and dice the numbers, Mississippi brings the total CC States up to equal the remaining may issue States.

  7. If you count by population there are now over 21 million people living in the 10 Con Carry states (24M if you count AR).

    If you count the few remaining -non-permissive- “may-issue” states (CT and DE, for example, are may-issue but not bad), and the restrictive cities in the big “county by county” restrictive states of NYS/CA (NYC/Boston/LA/SF), they only represent 30-40 million people.

    If we can turn a couple large states, or finally win Peruta, the ratio changes overnight.

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