Weekly Gun News – Edition 32


Happy Friday everyone. I couldn’t think of any April Fools themed posts to do today. I am kind of hoping someone is going to come out and tell me the whole 2016 election was really an elaborate April Fools joke, but I’m not holding my breath.

Hillary Clinton is writing pro-gun control op-eds in the New York Daily News. If she’s not defeated, we’re going to have hell to pay. But the GOP is too busy with their three ring circus.

Dana Loesch: Hillary Clinton’s war on guns. The Demographic she has the strongest lock on is African-American women, who like the gun control talk. But what percentage of voters does that represent as a whole?

The pope blames gun makers for jihadist attacks.

Guns made from meteorite.

Speaking of meteors: Amateur astronomers witness something impacting Jupiter. They think it may not have been very large, but since things crash into Jupiter with far greater energy, it makes a more impressive show.

Clayton Cramer will be at a Texas Bar CLE in Austin in September if any local (to Austin) readers are looking for CLE credits.

It’s looking like we may have Constitutional Carry in Mississippi.

Maybe we need a safe storage law for the feds before we start talking about safe storage laws for citizens.

Hawaii is looking to expand categories of prohibited persons. The end result will be gun people not seeking mental health treatment when they need it, but I suppose since we’re subhumans in some people’s eyes, that’s just fine.

Missouri considering allowing guns on public transit. Seems silly to me to ban guns on public transit. Should really be unconstitutional.

Maine passing bill to prohibit landlords from banning guns in Section 8 housing.

Suppressor legalization signed into law in Iowa.

Cafe mom: Jamie Gilt doesn’t deserve to go to jail. These laws are worthless because they aren’t enforceable except after the fact, and I’d call a gunshot wound punishment. Education is the key here, not jail time.

Down but not out: Gabby Giffords active in Delaware and Virginia forming state level gun control coalitions.

TFB: Burst Selectors: Going the Way of the Dodo? Why would you want to take the fun setting, and make it less fun?

Tam took a Sig P250C through 2000 rounds.

Keep op-eds like this coming in Maine. Everyone needs to know Mike Bloomberg’s money is behind this. This is one billionaire meddling in everyone else’s business because he’s an asshole.

That’s pretty much how I feel these days: “Voting for office is like picking out which gun you wanna get shot with.

No, actually, if you’re not being seen for mental health issues that might make you a danger to yourself or others, whether you have a gun is not any of a doctors business, it’s an area they have no professional expertise on, and they should mind their own fucking business.

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  1. Regarding your last link, I don’t think I saw a single comment favorable to the article in all the very, very many I skimmed over before giving up due to the sheer number of them.

    1. Over 1200 comments at this point and nothing that agrees with the writer.. because she’s wrong. Funding was pulled from the CDC because they were caught politicizing reports and skewing numbers to push an agenda, and that’s just the beginning.

      Doctors should stick to what they know best. If they really want to save children, their associations should push for early education, like the Eddie Eagle program, in every elementary school. Let kids learn gun safety from a group that knows guns, not the AMA.

      1. If the doctor is truly worried about the safety of children, then they can hand their information pamphlet out to the parents of all new patients. No need to ask any questions about who owns what, just give one to everybody. Doc keeps his “1st Amendment” rights. Problem solved.

        1. Yep. They give out information to all new parents about stair safety. Even those who live in single story homes.

  2. “TFB: Burst Selectors: Why would you want to take the fun setting, and make it less fun?”

    Fire discipline ranged from terrible to non-existent in Vietnam, the first war American troops fought with rifles having full auto capability. That may have been when the term “spray and pray” was coined. During one period the U.S. Army went to some lengths to try to retrain soldiers in the field, with little success. Burst fire was a response to that, and understood to be a compromise. If troops are more rigorously trained, it probably isn’t necessary.

    1. I was surprised that Wikipedia has a whole article on “spray and pray”:

      Spray and pray


      Drawbacks of uncontrolled automatic gunfire are the low likelihood of actually hitting an enemy target, the large amounts of ammunition needed, and the increased risk of it becoming friendly fire. It was due to the tendency of soldiers to spray and pray during the Vietnam War that the US replaced the automatic-fire setting that was on the original M16 with three-round burst fire for the M16A2 and M16A4/M4 carbine.

    2. On the one hand, I would like to see machine guns fully legalized, because we should have the right to be able to own any gun that a police officer or soldier may be issued in the line of their duty.

      On the other hand, “spray and pray” vs aimed shots is the one reason I don’t lose much sleep over having such weapons banned…for now, at least. I would still like to have these legal, for the principle of it all, if for nothing else!

  3. Bloomberg’s UBC Referendum is in trouble in Maine.

    Based on the reader comments on your linked Maine OpEd, Bloomberg’s Universal Background Check Referendum is in for some very rough sledding in Maine.

    There appears to be a spontaneous revulsion against this referendum, but the MASSIVE education effort to expose it’s flaws must continue – every day until November.

    Bloomberg will be pouring millions into a propaganda campaign the 2-3 months prior to the vote and we need to prep all Mainers so that they will recognize the lies when they come.

  4. I have to give Hillary some credit for being partly honest about the PLCAA. She pretty much says, “I want to make it so that gun manufacturers can be sued for making guns.”

  5. My wife is black (native born, not immigrant) and contrary to what you might expect:
    -she hates Hillary. She has said that she doesn’t want any more Clinton or Bush presidents.
    -she seems to like Bernie somewhat (based on honesty and not being a sellout) but doesn’t think his ideas are well thought out. She doesn’t seem to like Trump either. She (and I pretty much agree with this) seems to think that there aren’t any good choices. It’s a shitshow.
    -she thinks gun control is a stupid idea because violent criminals don’t obey the gun rules. And this isn’t just because she lives in a house full of guns. She’s been this way since before I met her.

    Besides being a vessel for the aspirations of the establishment, I don’t really see Hillary as much of a draw for anyone who has eyes and ears and a brain. Her presidency will be 4/8 years of left wing trolling to distract from a flood of visa workers, NAFTA style buttfuckery and handouts to the banks and insurance companies. Did I miss anything? It will be the third term of Obama, only with a giant dose of Nixonian anti-charisma and ratfucking.

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