Helluva Comeback There, Ted

I never expected Ted Nugent would apologize for his jewish conspiracy laced post; it’s just not his style. But this is Grade A whackadoodle material right here:

Ted Nugent Response

There was always the question about whether Ted Nugent was really anti-semitic, or whether he noticed the pictures of a bunch of gun control advocates, and belted out a rant without really taking a close look at the picture, or what it was saying. I was willing to believe the latter. But I’m having a hard time figuring out how “Meanwhile I adjust my yamika at my barmitzva playing on my kosher guitar” isn’t mocking jews. If it’s not, I might suggest shock treatment for the Motor City Madman. An apt nickname, apparently.

14 thoughts on “Helluva Comeback There, Ted”

  1. From context, I think it’s a spectacularly badly phrased and tone-deaf attempt to express solidarity with Jews.

    I think.

    It’s not exactly coherent.

  2. One thing positive Ted has done for the NRA lately is convince me to rejoin, just so I can help to vote him off the island. I hope he has had a similar effect on others

    1. “…I can help to vote him off the island.”

      That might carry some weight if we got to cast votes against candidates we didn’t want, but casting votes for one to a couple dozen candidates who aren’t Nugent does not seem much like targeted voting.

      I’m an NRA Life Member, but only keep my membership (which now costs me nothing) because my club of 40 years requires NRA membership, and I still need a place to shoot. In my time as an activist I saw how the NRA can purge directors who don’t toe a party line. That they haven’t done anything to address Nugent’s public insanity — which the left invariably identifies with the NRA — indicates to me that the NRA doesn’t mind it a bit. I would prefer not to be associated with it through whatever is implied by a permanent membership I took out more than 40 years ago, when it was a quite different organization from what it has become today.

      There also is a factor that by allowing Nugent to define the NRA’s public identity, it is guaranteed that more of his ilk will be attracted to membership — eventually a majority. I have experienced other organizations being unintentionally subverted by the same phenomenon.

  3. I’m still trying to figure this all out, but it is incoherent and weird.

    One thing I’d point out though. The anti-freedom, anti-Second Amendment rights people identified that are Jewish are doubly evil. They hate our RKBA and being Jewish they really should not be on the side that wants citizens disarmed given their knowledge of Nazi history with arms control and the Holocaust. They should know better and so they are doubly culpable.

    They are like a person that advocates for sexual predators and then holds you down for the rape.

  4. Has he been checked out for brain tumors recently? It could explain a lot.

  5. Yamika? I don’t think it’s spelled like that. But since he’s probably never held one, let alone worn one, I suppose it doesn’t matter……

  6. I’ve heard mentioned before that he only serves on the board because he gets paid. What are the chances of convincing the rest of the board to stop paying him, and getting him to walk away?

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