Weekly Gun News – Edition 25


I was worried I wouldn’t get enough tabs for gun news this week, but I think I have enough for a news links post. Things have been busy for me this week, so not as much time to even collect stories. But I do have enough this week to channel my inner Instapundit:

Dave Kopel has some analysis of the decision in Kolbe v. Hogan, which vacated the ruling that had upheld Maryland new semi-auto ban. Also, see Dave Hardy’s commentary.

Eugene Volokh notes that the 11th Circuit has agreed to an En Banc hearing of the “Docs v. Glocks” law in Florida. I share many of the Professor’s First Amendment concerns, but the medical establishment hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory either.

It bears repeating: Not every criminal is going to be intimidated by the sight if your gun. Where some see trouble, others see opportunity.

Yes, next question: Should you carry OC spray? The law generally frowns upon shooting belligerent assholes. Especially if they are women.

Bloomberg is spending big in Nevada for his private transfer ban initiative. Ballot measures should be unconstitutional. They violate the Constitution’s guarantee of a Republican form of government. They also almost always favor the party that spends the most money.

Blue state gun panic: Gun licenses on the rise in Massachusetts. Also in New Jersey.

Analysis True: “Democrats have confused opinion polls with actual voter sentiment on guns for decades, and it led them to defeat every single time.

Anti-gun activists in Ohio are trying for a ballot measure to amend the state constitution to end preemption in the Buckeye State.

In Oregon, they are looking to remove the default proceed on gun sales, and set up a situation where the state could ban all gun sales just by refusing to do background checks, or from sheer bureaucratic incompetence. Not just Oregon, but Delaware too.

In Florida, gun bills are under attack.

Constitutional Carry introduced in Michigan.

Breitbart: Concealed Carry permit fees are an attack on 2nd Amendment rights. I would argue the permit is too.

States by party affiliation. How red or blue is your state? Pennsylvania is listed as “Competitive.”

You probably wouldn’t trust most politicians to babysit your kids. So why do you trust them with bigger issues?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 25”

  1. Thanks for the head up on the Ohio Ballot Measure. I’ll be keeping an eye out.

  2. As far as the Glocks/Docs law, I support it for one main reason: Doctors, who I am now mandated to pay for by a “tax” under the ACA, will enter my firearms ownership into an electronic medical database as a part of my permanent medical record.
    This creates a gun owner database. Just another way of backdoor registration.

  3. “Democrats have confused opinion polls with actual voter sentiment on guns for decades, and it led them to defeat every single time.”


  4. I like this headline

    “Gun control not resonating as key issue in New Hampshire”

    No shit, Sherlock

  5. I do love that their own licensing laws put paid to the usual lie of “it’s the same tiny group of evil gun nuts buying moar evil guns! Gun ownership is really down!”

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