Obama’s EOs Coming This Week


There’s going to be an Obama “Town Hall” this Thursday, so it’s a safe bet the Executive Orders will be coming either that day, or a day or so before. Supposedly Obama’s spending today with AG Loretta Lynch finalizing the orders. By this point we have a pretty good idea that one of the big changes will be that anyone who sells more than 50 (the most credible number I’ve seen floated around) guns in a year will be considered “in the business” and required to obtain an FFL. As I’ve said, they can’t simultaneously stiffen the requirements for obtaining an FFL, and speak of reducing the number of FFLs as a net good while also requiring more sellers to obtain them. This problem could easily be fixed by going back to the pre-Clinton standards for obtaining an FFL.

Whatever is coming, expect a lot of lawsuits to be filed. The Republican field is already taking this on. The Dems want to make this race about gun control? Let them.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s EOs Coming This Week”

  1. If the metric for “in the business” is some number (however arbitrary) of guns per annum, I am curious as to how the fed gov will know whether I sell 49, 50, or 51 firearms per year? At least in states that don’t ban private sales, I see no mechanism by which this would be monitored.

  2. Doesn’t matter if an Obama EO makes all semi autos illegal and punishable by execution without trial, the courts will uphold it or not take the case because guns. Even SCOTUS if he made an EO to set up camp to round up and kill gun owners.

    The courts are our enemy. They hate us and want all gun owners dead.

  3. Also at the meeting in addition to Lynch were FBI Director James Comey, BATFE Dep Director Tom Brandon, and Dep AG Sally Yates. This is according to the published White House schedule for today.

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