Weekly Gun News – Edition 22


It’s beginning to look at a lot like…. well, Christmas in Panama maybe.  I certainly had Gatun Lake going on in my backyard yesterday. That’s probably just as well, since white Christmases are now racist. Blogging will be light around the holidays, unless there is major news like another shoe dropping like we just saw in Virginia with their AG revoking most of their reciprocity agreements. It begs the question, if these politicians are so sure this is a winning issue, why do they keep trying to downplay these maneuvers by announcing them before the holidays when no one is paying attention. Anyways, here’s the news as I see it:

Miguel is hoping that people will write their AGs and tell them not to revoke recognition of Virginia permits even though Virginia is revoking recognition of theirs. I’m of two minds on that, part of my agrees, but part recognizes some gun owners won’t get off their asses and wake up unless they are made to feel some pain.

Gun rights: not just for white guys anymore.

You remember that church on Wall Street that unsuccessfully tried to bully Wal-Mart into an anti-gun position? Now they are working over Cabela’s.

Good thing there wasn’t any gun involved, or someone might have gotten hurt. Also, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

NRA has said it plans to “fight [Herring’s] decision in every arena possible.” I’ve heard talk of a universal reciprocity bill being pushed after the new year. Some dems in marginal districts will need to be made uncomfortable if they don’t vote the right way. When the time comes, be prepared to melt switchboards.

Apparently Smith & Wesson hires poor law firms for doing their trademark protection.

Remember folks, no one wants to take your guns!

Is it time to retire the term assault rifle?

People in blue states continue to arm themselves. Not just blue states either. Even ze Germans are arming themselves.

Much like Canada, which only has one road, Mexico only has one gun shop.

We should be celebrating this news: cars have gotten a lot safer. The correct comparison is car accidents to gun accidents, in which case guns are much much safer.

More Democrats abandon the Second Amendment.

Just a reminder of what they think of you.

Again, the anti-gun folks can’t turn out your local club’s Thursday trap level numbers. I doubt this was any exception either. We pitched our Friends of the NRA dinner to the media, which turned out a lot more people. Crickets. These people turn out a dozen white old ladies and get in-depth reports.

Jacob: Why did Obama sit down with Bloomberg? Cash is king. Dem fundraising is pretty anemic this cycle, but Bloomberg is willing to spend big. That’s a big part of why you’re seeing Dems run away from the Second Amendment right now.

Tam: “Let’s talk about Glock sights.

Another gun case appealing to the Supreme Court for review.

Turns out that AK used in the Paris attacks which allegedly traced to Century Arms in Florida was an error.

Miguel finds the infamous Glock 7 in an LA County Sheriff’s report. Sometimes you have to wonder if someone is trollin.

Wired: Social Media is Making the Debate on Guns — and Trump — Worse. I think social media makes everything worse.

Brooklyn lawmakers are looking to introduce major restrictions on ammunition in the Empire State.

Generally speaking, sports newscasters wouldn’t be the first place I’d turn to for Constitutional analysis. A lot of journalists should really take this to heart.

Failing to understand us, Part MCMXVII: “This is very much a fear-driven issue right now, and it convinces people that they have to carry guns themselves” I probably shouldn’t complain, because this is a big reason they keep losing.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 22”

  1. Dear Sebastian and fellow readers,
    Merry Christmas!

    You may have already addressed this somewhere and this may not be the place to discuss it, but I saw this article on Grover Norquist running for the NRA Board of Directors. Well known for his anti-tax status but less known for his Islamic associations, I was wondering if any of you had an opinion on whether he is a good candidate for the Board.
    Thank you!

    Here’s the link with excerpts:
    “These few facts alone should be enough to give people pause:

    It’s a fact that Grover Norquist cofounded a group called the Islamic Institute that was funded by a convicted terror funder. Norquist used his power to help bring his Islamic Institute associates into the Republican Party inner circle. Full stop. That happened.

    If a prominent Democrat had these clear, direct connections and had used their influence to bring them into the seat of American power, any even moderately rational, patriotic American might have a few questions about it. It’s worth nothing that when legitimate questions were raised about longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Grover Norquist defended Ms. Abedin and attacked Michele Bachmann.”


    Blessings to all this happy Day!

    – Arnie

    1. I knew about these associations. He was well known to be a sympathizer, most likely due to his wife’s ties. I guess he likes staying married…

      I remember a CPAC meeting I attended about 12-13 years ago in which he was called out on this. I’ve been leery of him and his efforts since.

      Not to bring up a sore topic, but wasn’t ATR the group that our very own Pat Toomey was affiliated with?

      I have always left his name off the NRA ballot when I have voted.

      Merry Christmas!

        1. ;)

          By the way, I was errant in my statement about Toomey. He headed up the Club for Growth.

      1. Thank you, sir. I use the same rule when I vote for the myriad of local and county offices that come up on Election Day. There are sometimes too many offices and candidates to be properly informed. I leave a lot of ovals empty.

  2. Merry Christmas! W/r/t the Smith & Wesson lawyers, the first thing I noticed when reading over their letter was the incorrect dates: sent in December 2015 but, “Respond by 1/5/15”? How much do they get paid? Come on people, you could hire a second grader to proofread the letter and catch that one!

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