Kathy Kane’s Uppance Has Come

Kathleen Kane

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been indicted this morning by the Montgomery County District Attorney for leaking grand jury information, and then attempting to cover it up. This woman has been slimy from the minute Bloomberg helped buy her office. Remember, she did not run on gun control; she exploited the Penn State scandal, and people’s anger with Corbett over that scandal, to sail into office. The Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman, is a Republican, so I would expect at least some accusations of a partisan witch hunt to be tossed around, but probably not much. She’s pooped in a lot of other people’s pools, and even many Democrats are sick of her. No doubt Seth Williams is smiling coyly today.

Now the question is whether she will resign. I sincerely hope so. I doubt that will do much to help our reciprocity agreements, since Kane’s replacement was picked by her, but it’s time to be over this controversy. Kane was considered a rising star in Pennsylvania Democratic Politics. Now she’s ruined. She’ll be lucky if Orange doesn’t end up becoming the New Black for her.

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  1. I just barely heard about this on the radio, and immediately came here to check it out.

    According to the radio announcer, she’s *still* planning on running for re-election. For reciprocity, that might be a good thing. I would imagine that someone appointed by her would be more difficult to get out of office than her, if that person chooses to run…

  2. Technically speaking, she doesn’t pick her own replacement. If she vacates office before the end of her term (whether by resignation, impeachment, or otherwise), the governor appoints a successor to finish the remainder of her term.

    Practically speaking, however, Wolf would be likely to pick either someone who is already high up in the AG’s office, or someone who shares his politics, so it doesn’t really matter.

    1. Dollup is right. The governor picks the replacement, but the First Deputy gets to serve until the governor picks.

      It’s explained in 2-202 of the Commonwealth Attorneys’ Act.

      1. Ah, OK. Thanks for the clarification. Good think Obama just tapped Patrick Murphy to be Undersecretary of the Army, because I know he wanted the job.

  3. Saw an article today that if she gets her Law License Suspended, then she will HAVE to Resign, because under PA Constitution the AG MUST have a Valid Law License to hold the Job. Probably be faster than trying to get an Impeachment going.

  4. If she doesn’t go to jail, she’ll be able to run for Governor on the platform that the conservatives really, really hate her, therefore she must be good. No law license required.

  5. For all the proverbial fantasy jerking going on, none of the prosections against Kane have anything to do with malfeasance related to the Uniform Firearms Act or nonfeasance/misfeasance related to the prosecution of officials whom violate sections of the Pennsylvania constitution as it relates to the right to bear arms. “We” didn’t accomplish anything and are reaping the rewards of a side effect, and yet all of this time, and much earlier, she could have been deposed upon those causes.

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