Weekly Gun News – Edition 10


Today looks to be a slow news day for guns, so hopefully this tab clearing won’t leave me high and dry for the rest of the week.

NRA and Planned Parenthood are both more popular than any of the Presidential candidates.

Vapid celebrities teaming up with slimy politicians to push gun control? OMG! We’ve never seen anything like this before. Surely they will have us on the ropes any day now.

More on the effort to legalize hunting with semi-automatic firearms in Pennsylvania.

More efforts by medical professionals to undermine Second Amendment rights. I’d note that the National Physicians Alliance is a left-wing group that supports gun control, and who receive funding from the Joyce Foundation and Tides Foundation.

Bear hunting targeted in Florida. If there’s one thing the Cecil the Lion fiasco should teach us it’s that hunting is in serious trouble.

Delta and American are giving in to the hysteria and banning safari hunting trophies.

Lawmakers are joining Bloomberg in an attempt to bully Cabela’s and Bass Pro to stop doing default proceeds.

If you negligently shoot your daughter when you’re teaching her gun safety, you’re doing it wrong.

This video of Ted Cruz is making the rounds. I’m not a fan. Not only wouldn’t I want to eat anything that’s touched my rifle barrel, but I don’t like perpetuating public confusion over the difference between a semi-auto and a machine gun.

Gizmodo: Lion hunter has done more for conservation than most of the people bitching.

TownHall looks at the story about what happens when you put untrained people in a police simulator. I’m wondering if they even explained to them how the thing works. Otherwise, it’s like watching a movie, which people are used to doing passively. Very different than fighting for your actual life.

Hunting making a comeback in the UK? In other news, it looks like the Tories have bigger nuts than the GOP.

John Lott repsonds to a hit piece from Mother Jones.

Even some of CSGV’s mouth foaming supporters can’t stomach their cartoonish views.

British Police discover deadly bike wheel on weapons sweep. A quick search online shows this isn’t so crazy after all!


11 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 10”

  1. Could the line about “the oil seed rape farmers who lobbied to use neonicotinoid pesticides” have been any more blatant? Of course he’s a “former campaigner for Greenpeace”…

    The story on UK hunting is quite a bit more complicated than that, and long term it’s probably doomed. It’s almost impossible to revive a class-based tradition when the class itself is dying, because you can’t recruit from the general population.

  2. I haven’t watched the Ted Cruz video but I love it. I’ve already seen a number of articles and blog posts from antigun types pointing out the difference between full- and semi-auto and ripping him for not making the distinction. I don’t know if it was intentional but it’s beautiful guerrilla education if you ask me.

  3. I think Cruz should have used the credit card meme and gone with ” Cost of bacon, cost of rifle, cost of suppressor, cost of ammo Tax on suppressor, Excise Tax on ammo ( $$$) … Suppressor cooked Bacon.. way to much. Maybe throw in something about how long the ATF paper work takes compared to how long it takes to raise a hog.

  4. Seriously. Planned Parenthood at 42 percent? WTF?! You’d think there were still idiots who actually think they do things other than abortions and organ trafficking. This is the 42% derp to watch out for (if this is even accurate).

      1. That’s something I wanted to point out. The NRA’s rating is there, even though the Media seeks every opportunity they can to vilify gun culture. Planned Parenthood’s ratings are so high, in part, because the Media turns a blind eye to the controversy.

        It makes me wonder what the numbers would be if the tables were turned…

  5. You want to stop Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops from caving? Remind them what happened to Smith & Wesson. This isn’t like a Target or a Starbucks that could do fine without your dollars, thankyouverymuch. Sporting goods stores that specialize in hunting and fishing equipment depend on the goodwill of their customer base, which consists of people who hunt (and fish, but there is a large overlap in the two). If you remind them of this, neither will cave for fear that their customers will be offended and take their dollars over to the one that didn’t cave.

    So a gentle reminder of which side their bread is buttered on would almost certainly suffice to keep them on the straight and narrow.

    1. If only we were good at the “gentle” and “tactful” parts of this whole activism thing…

  6. After looking at the comments about the Cruz bacon cooking (I didn’t see the video, but I’m sure it’s amusing), I can’t help but wonder what would happen to the heads of those commenters if they saw the video of a crew of four boys, ages 5 to 9 years, firing a belt-fed machine gun.

    Besides which, it’s perfectly safe to cook bacon with a machine gun if you’re firing downrange!

    1. Safe to cook. I’m not sure about safe to eat though :) There’s a lot of shit in ammunition you wouldn’t want to put in your body. The lead azide in the primers being among them.

  7. “…legislation that would protect the constitutional rights…#

    It is sickening that we are at this point in the first place.

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