A Reddit thread on self-defense

Redditors who have had to kill in self defense, Did you ever recover psychologically? What is it to live knowing you killed someone regardless you didn’t want to do it?

Found this on Facebook, and while I can’t say I read all the comments, I did scroll through to the end, so I saw an awful lot of the root-level stories. Unsurprisingly, they were basically all self-defense incidents. Not all were defensive firearms uses, and more than a few ended with an attack hoist on their own petard, with the “victim” getting ahold of an attacker’s weapon and using it on the attackers.

The main thing I noticed? That in a lot of the cases, the attackers were not armed with firearms, but the victims were. So that even the anti-gunners got their way and were able to wave the magic wand and disappear all the guns, it would result in good people unable to defend themselves against bad people. These are the people anti-gunners want dead, maimed, or raped. And a number of them did what their attackers wanted and were still hurt after compliance.

4 Responses to “A Reddit thread on self-defense”

  1. Jim Jones says:

    The one about finding the man raping his wife downstairs with his 2 year old watching while he was playing video games upstairs. Oooof.

  2. RAH says:

    Those stories are pretty scary. The major response is people thinking they need a gun. I think it it is the sheer volume of stories of attacks and the deaths.
    Some people are thinking this is common in the US but it is just that the selection was for those stories of having to kill someone.

  3. beatbox says:

    Fascinating and horrifying. Anti friends don’t understand it when I tell them that I absolutely dread the thought of drawing my weapon and will do anything to avoid it…because even if you are legally right, your life will likely change for the worse, better than the alternative, of course, but it will change for the worse.

    These stories should be required reading for CCL classes. It drives home that it is last resort option

  4. beatbox says:

    Some are weird and I hope made up…like the guy who admitted to killing a teenager in Paris and never reported it. I hope that post got reported and he gets a visit.