Antis Back to Being Disillusioned?

Robb's Sad Panda

I don’t take E.J. Dionne’s post in the Washington Post as a sign the other side is feeling all that good about things. Once it became apparent gun control wasn’t a hobby horse that anti-gun politicians could ride anywhere after the Charleston massacre, they quickly switched gears and got on the confederate flag hobby horse and took that to town instead. It’s always a good sign when our opponents are admitting that hearts and minds have to be changed before their issue is going anywhere. When I see our opponents whining like this, it’s music to my ears.

Sure, we have “hearts and minds” issues, like legalizing friggin’ machine guns, but I’d much rather than that problem than theirs. If their best argument is that guns will cause you to commit suicide, we should look up and thank our lucky stars, because even objectively, that argument sucks.

2 thoughts on “Antis Back to Being Disillusioned?”

  1. We need to build a social movement devoted to the simple proposition that owning handguns makes us less safe, not more…

    Correct, but so far, they’ve failed. And note the wording. “Proposition,” not “fact.” They know they’re losing hearts AND minds. They know they’ve lost on the facts, and are barely holding on to the emotions.

  2. One thing that I think is helping the pro-gun side is the threat of ISIS. More and more people are thinking the police will not be there to stop them. Just come and do the body count. Perhaps we should push this a little.

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