5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. The Heller decision has me thinking about Law school again, even at my advanced age. The ACLU response was pretty ignorant, stupid, and disingenuous, I’m sad to say.

    Also thinking I might upgrade my NRA membership to “lifetime” to help out with the eventual post-Heller suits in Chicago, San Francisco, etc.

  2. Could it be that some of those pre-existing assinine laws should have never been ratified to begin with?

    Nooo…. That could hardly be the case.

    One can only hope that the gun-grabbers will be so busy trying to defend their ill-gotten gains, they will not be able to make further inroads on abridging people’s rights. I doubt it, but the hope is there.

  3. You’re right, that is a great name.
    My advice is for her not to waste good money on stupid, unconstitutional laws, when you could be using it to buy guns and ammunition ;)

  4. I would be more interested in the NRA if they had anything really to do with Heller. This was a private suit from private persons including the lawyers in DC.The NRA has stood on the sidelines for decades afraid to force the issue in court but content to take dues and donations. Did not stop me from becoming and endowment member but with my eyes wide open about them….

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