House Votes to Restore Funding to Rights Restoration

This strikes me as pretty significant, that the House is willing to allow ATF to once again process restoration of rights applications. Though, the courts have been pushing things in this direction anyway, since there have been several as applied challenges to the prohibition on felons that have won in court. The law that authorized the program was the Firearms Owners Protection Act, but since the early 90s, Congress has refused to let ATF spend funds on the program. The gun control movement achieved this with the help of Chuck Schumer, by collecting anecdotal evidence that some folks restored by the program went on to commit other violent crimes using firearms.

If the Senate would go along, and this program’s funding could indeed be restored, it would be the end of an era. The great coup by the gun control movement to limit the impact of FOPA would be at an end. This is more evidence their movement is dying, even though they won’t admit it.

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