A gun control success story

Via Breitbart, a story of someone whose life may have been saved by gun control. And of course there will be no consequences for the police chief or anyone else in government. Because guns cause domestic violence or something.

A restraining order is a piece of paper, and when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

5 thoughts on “A gun control success story”

  1. Following through to the original article we get this:

    Berlin Township Police Chief Leonard Check said Bowne applied for a gun license on April 21, and that she had inquired Monday about her request.

    The application process typically takes two months or more as police collect information on the applicant, including fingerprints and reference checks. “We did not get the fingerprint information yet,” said Check.

    Which is utterly ridiculous.

  2. According to the linked article, at the time of her murder the victim had already waited 6 weeks for government permission to just own a gun, not carry it.

    “We did not get the fingerprint information yet,” must mean New Jersey has not heard of AFIS.

    1. No, they probably meant they hadn’t received the fingerprints from the third party company that has the exclusive contract to take them for the purpose. I forget what it’s called, because I haven’t gotten a pistol permit recently, and thus haven’t gone through that process.

      That’s the being fair explanation. The likely one is they just didn’t care, and the paperwork was on someone’s desk someplace.

  3. Well, here it is: proof that gun control is not crime control. It is control of the people by a statist government in its ever expanding quest for power, and people like Carol Bowne are acceptable collateral damage. There is innocent blood on your hands, Chief Check, and on the hands of all of New Jersey!

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