Weekly Gun News – Edition 2


It’s a pretty slow news week on the gun issue, but I think I have enough for the weekly gun news.

Lower Merion Township was denied a stay in its lawsuit over it’s illegal ordinances.

In Oregon: punching back twice as hard.

A New York judge has ordered the state police to quit trying to cover up how dismal the compliance rates are for the SAFE act.

North Carolina is working on a bill to get doctors out of the business of badgering their patents about guns, unless, you know, you come in with a gun shot wound, or you say something that indicates you may be suicidal. I don’t like these bills, but the SJWs that run the medical societies have made it necessary.

North Carolina is also working to get rid of its racially motivated gun control law, and is ironically being fought by gun control advocates who want it to stay in place. Of course, they don’t have much game in North Carolina.

Oregon’s new background check bill won’t make anyone any safer, says the Albany Democrat Herald. Also, buying legislation isn’t cheap.

Campus Carry will be back on the agenda next year, says Marion Hammer, NRA’s Lobbyist in Florida.

The 2015 Boomershoot Fireball

Blood dancing isn’t just for gun control activists anymore. Never let a crisis go to waste.

The proper response to DEA agents coming onto to a train and asking where you’re going: “Apparently Russia, officer. Because I didn’t think in America is was any of the government’s damned business.”

Jews and Guns in Northern Virginia.

A mother is suing her son’s school because they wouldn’t let him wear an NRA t-shirt. Good.

Oklahoma’s governor vetoes more pro-gun bills.

Dems pushing to ban online ammo sales. I doubt this is going anywhere.

Don’t forget we have an election coming up in Pennsylvania, and it includes Supreme Court justices.

The Republicans talk a good small government game, but when the chips are down, pleasing social conservatives is more important.

I’ll be wearing black on June 2.

Peirs Morgan is still a jerk, but at least a jerk over there, where maybe we’ll get lucky and Jeremy Clarkson will punch him again.

The Gun Blogger Rendezvous X is being run by Lucky Gunner. I’d love to go again, because it was always a good time. But it’s difficult and expensive to get out to Reno from the east coast. LG is giving away a 150 dollar ammo voucher to attendees, which is tempting, but it’s a $500 plane ticket.

Chuck Schumer isn’t an idiot, but he does grandstand on behalf of idiots.

Why are gun control activists so violent?

Instapundit: Operation Choke Point Strikes Again.

Are New Jersey’s lawmakers wising up on smart guns? The Bergen Daily Record can’t resist flinging childish insults at Second Amendment advocates, but perhaps they are angry things aren’t working out the way they had hoped.

I’m not sure what NSA’s program has to do with gun rights, to warrant NRA’s involvement, but it did occur to me that if such a program could be weaponized by a hostile Administration. They could use it to target NRA’s grassroots network and lobbying efforts. This would make the opposition’s efforts MUCH more effective if they were coordinated with the White House. But weaponizing a program for political purposes? That’s crazy talk. This is the most transparent administration ever!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 2”

  1. I liked your answer Russia since I was unaware that the US government has the right to inquire on my destination.

    Shame that young man was never told not to consent to search no matter how innocent you are. I made sure my son was aware before he was 16 not to consent. Not to resist but verbally say he does not consent.

    He got charge and searched without consent and we won . Plus there was no evidence. But who cares if the subject is 18 and Ocean City for Beach Week

  2. I had quite a nice surprise this year when taking my youngest into the doctor for her checkup. The doctor was running down the list of safety questions about seatbelt use, wearing a helmet when riding a bike, etc. When she got to the question about guns she said “I’m not going to ask you about guns in the household because a) I don’t want to know and b) you don’t need to have that kind of info in your medical records. So all I’m going to say about the subject is if you do have guns please make sure they’re stored appropriately.” And then she moved on to the next topic.

  3. RE: The train and “Where are you going?”, my answer would be “I’m going where the train is going. Isn’t that obvious?”

    RE: The North Carolina bill to “reform” the handgun permit system. It’s no good. It enacts NICS background checks on private sales.

    RE: NC Law about doctors. My latest yearly checkup had 2 new questions (with additional questions depending on the answers). “Do you ever feel like not doing things you used to enjoy?” and, “Do you ever feel depressed?”. Answered “Not a bit!” to both and there were no more of those questions. I can easily guess what the other questions would have been if I’d answered in the affirmative.

  4. Black on June 2, eh? I’ll wear my Nation of Riflemen shirt. It’s the later edition that is black, not the first one in dark blue. I also have a Blaze Orange ball cap from Browning that I keep my CMP and rifle pins on. Haven’t decided if I’ll wear that or not.

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