Quite a Refutation

Dave Hardy notes the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics on murder rates. It’s interesting that the states with the strictest gun laws are the ones experiences the sharpest spikes in the murder rates. Kind of puts a crimp in our opponents hysterics theories.

4 thoughts on “Quite a Refutation”

  1. 67 people were shot over the Labor Day weekend in one city. Did that city just adopt CCW, as the PSH from the anti-gunners would suggest? Was there blood running in the streets because of law-abiding gun owners suddenly able to be armed? No, it was Bloomberg’s gun free paradise – New York City.
    The antis aren’t just loons, they’re dangerous loons. People are dying as a result of their freedom hating policies. Freedom works, gun control restrictions on law-abiding citizens do not.

  2. If you were a criminal, where would you go? While I have often mentioned that criminals are cowards, I never said they couldn’t read.
    I relate this to my motorcycle helmet law issue. I am a safe adult experienced motorcycle rider who chooses to not go into States, unless I have to, that force me to wear a helmet! I don’t go where I am not welcome.

    If I was a lifetime criminal, I am going to where the laws are best suited for my business. No guns and legal system that tends to be lenient toward the “downtrodden”! NJ, NY, MASS, Md. and Cal.

  3. From the comments there:

    You can’t pick and choose your data (well, you can, but it doesn’t mean what you think it means).

    For example: Utah +36%, Illinois -8.7%, Minnesota +29%, Arizona +7%, Alaska +40%

  4. Sebastian: “Kind of puts a crimp in our opponents hysterics theories.”

    No it doesn’t. They are all about comparing guns to “gun deaths”- never murder or violent crime rates. They will continue with this unabated.

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