A Pardon Well Deserved


Chris Christie is clearly trying to boost his pro-gun credibility in whatever way he can given the extremely anti-gun legislature he deals with since he signed a full pardon of Shaneen Allen today.

This is wonderful news for Allen, and it will hopefully send a message to New Jersey’s police officers and prosecutors. New Jersey isn’t exactly going pro-gun, but maybe there will be a little more sanity in the enforcement of the laws.

11 thoughts on “A Pardon Well Deserved”

  1. It may increase prosecutions, as the anti-gun types look to place Christie in a tough spot with both the legislature and funders. The more they cement him on the side of the evil NRA, the more trouble he has in Jersey.

    Still, Christie did the right thing, even if he would not have done it had he not had national aspirations. I don’t think his heart has changed, but at the end of the day I doubt Shaneen cares. She did nothing wrong.

    For those interested, please check Maryland v Williams for an idea of how bent O’Malley is on guns. ScotusBLOG link here. Cert petition by Stephen Halbrook.

    Charles Williams should not have gone to prison just for legally buying a handgun, and he should be pardoned after-the-fact so he can regain a chance at a future life. He was poor and tried to take the bus home with a new gun. He got profiled, stopped by cops and paid for exercise of a fundamental right with two years of his life.

  2. O’Malley, along with his wife’s family (Currans), are notoriously anti-gun (except when it comes to they down protective details, friends to whom he grants CCWs, etc.). He would be a dangerous POTUS: woefully unprepared for Big Leagues and a small-minded individual. But, hey, he looks good playing the guitar … so, all those feel good Progressives will vote for him just like they voted for Clinton. Sad days ahead.

  3. Purely done by Christie for the benefit of Christie. He’s anti-gun to the core.

    1. IT doesn’t matter what he believes, it matters where his bread is buttered. That’s politics

  4. I don’t know if a NJ Gov can commute a sentence, but I’d have been impressed if he had. As it is, he’s just running for office snf placating the uninformed.


    1. There was no sentence. She had (finally) been accepted for pre trial diversion, so the only thing left to clear the record was a pardon.

      1. She had (effectively) been granted clemency via the pre-trial intervention program. This was about clearing her name of the felony charge, not keeping her out of prison. Clemency got Brian Aitken out of jail but allowed him to continue to appeal his conviction.

        Different things

  5. I’m sick of everyone slobbin on Krispy Christie’s knob for doing this.

    Fuck him. Statist obama loving tool.

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