Not the Brightest Gun Shop Burglars


Today has had a bit of excitement in Bucks County. One of the local gun shops was the location of a “standoff” between police and two men from Philadelphia who were attempting to break in.

After stealing a vehicle, the suspects entered through the roof and figured they would go through the ventilation system. They managed to remove at least a sheep mount from the store before the cops managed to get them out of the building.

These ever-so-brilliant suspects realized that they would be caught, so they figured they would call 911 and claim they found a dead body somewhere else in town and the police who were already set up outside and trying to get them out would just leave and let them walk away. That just got them another criminal charge out here in Bucks County.

According to reports, they tried to claim that they just randomly broke into that building because they were homeless. Sure. Stealing a truck, driving to a gun shop, getting at least some product out of the building, but it was just because you wanted to get warm? Oh, and there just happened to be drugs on them, too. Yeah, no jury here will buy that sh*t.

However, it turns out that neither one of these geniuses likely knows what it’s like facing a jury. Sure, they both have arrest records from Philadelphia, but the vast majority of their charges were nolle prossed.

One of the suspects appears to have quite the history with guns, as he was arrested for illegally carrying firearms at 15. He has a record that’s 4 pages long filled with many charges involving theft, burglary, and assault. Yet, this is the same city filled with people demanding more gun control. It’s clear that they aren’t making do with the laws they have, and now a suburban gun shop and neighboring stores are paying for those decisions not to prosecute.

6 thoughts on “Not the Brightest Gun Shop Burglars”

  1. “But they were just misunderstood kids! If that mean old gun shop wasn’t there in the first place, they’d have no reason to rob it!” I guarantee someone is going to say that about them.

    1. Actually, there wasn’t any of that in the comments on local social media sites – at least that I found.

      I did come across someone who bitched about a gun shop being near a school, but she was pretty much shut down by others who pointed out the gun shop has been there longer than most of the newer schools around it. She could only respond with a rant that things are different now and there’s nothing too extreme for keeping kids safe. After that, people ignored her.

      I don’t think there’s much in the way of support for that kind of BS up here. Down in Philly, it’s a different story. But, we’re not Philly, and those folks don’t elect our judges.

  2. We have the same situation: urban criminals used to come down and think they would be “processed” the same way they were back home. We’re only 45 minutes from the city, but a world’s difference it makes. I know one of our local prosecutors, and with a new States Attorney years ago – plus willing LEOs – they don’t play games with these people.

    Crime went down years ago after word got out that they will actually do time if they do a crime in our county. Amazing thing.

    We still have the ever-present drug problems, but that won’t ever go away no matter where you are.

  3. Alright, this has been bothering me all day. I realize that these perpetrators are, quite obviously, mind-numbingly stupid. But. Who breaks into a gun store, and the first thing they steal is a friggin stuffed animal?!!?

    1. Depending on the quality of the mount, it may be the most expensive thing in there. A trophy-grade animal could be worth multiple thousands of dollars.

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