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You may have noticed posting getting a bit light again. That is because I have been re-engaged at my client this week, as their project is wrapping up. Additionally, I’ll be taking on another client for a infrastructure and security evaluation, but the deliverable there is a report, so I don’t expect that to be a huge time suck. There has actually been a decent amount of gun news, which I present thusly:

I continue my tradition of not going to SHOT. Not that I don’t want to go, but I don’t really have the money to dump on a week in Vegas. Going to the NRA Annual Meeting every year is about all we can muster. If you’re looking for good SHOT coverage, visit The Firearm Blog.

Why are anti-gunners so violent? Mouth foaming CSGV supporters agree! Also, why does Shannon Watts hate America?

Oh, speaking of CSGV’s foaming at the mouth supporters …

What was the motivation behind the M4/M16 hit piece that recently cropped up? Tam has a look.

Looks like Bloomberg is already lining up his rich buddies to repeat “rich assholes buy democracy” in Nevada.

Maryland’s new gun laws are headed to appeal.

MyFoxPhilly: “Legally purchased guns caused a man to lose custody of his son.

Dems in Western PA: “Hey, we’re not those anti-gun kinda Dems around here.” Unfortunately, it’s becoming your parties brand. I think a lot of blue dogs are going to be sorry they ever shilled for Obama, and a lot of them did.

Federal judge considering whether to hold DC in contempt. They aren’t going to let people carry unless the judge shows he’s serious. I hope he does hold them in as much contempt as they are holding all our rights.

SayUncle said it better than me about the TTAG Charlie Hedbo simulation. Also, from the comments, it looks like Michael Bane is planning to do one of his own. I think that’s a good idea. My only objection was to inviting the media to a hurried and seemingly not well-planned event.

Democracy is the serially uninformed and easily led being suckered into voting against their own best interests by deep-pocketed grifters who are looking out only for themselves.” Sometimes it doesn’t seem republics are any better, but they are better.

Ace of Spades updates on the recent ATF rulings. ATF is getting more absurd, and more arbitrary and capricious in its rulings. This is entirely inappropriate when it comes to a protected civil right. What is the sense in denying people the ability to rent machines in order to make lowers? I think this is ripe for a lawsuit.

Michael Bane reminds everyone that we did have a media education program, a la Bloomberg. Well, not a la Bloomberg. Our folks weren’t peddling garbage.

S.E. Cupp also has more to say about Bloomberg’s “education” program. Also see more on the subject here.

Turns out Michigan Governor Rick Snyder isn’t all that reliable on Second Amendment issues when he doesn’t have to face voters again. Hope he’s not aspiring to higher office, because if he is, we’ll be sure he flames out in his primary.

Joe Huffman posts his speech from the January 15th rally in Olympia. I think everyone should read it. If you’d rather watch it, head here.

The OC clowns have now accomplished getting firearms banned from the House and Senate galleries in Washington State. I take issue with Alan Gottlieb’s assertions that people like this are on our side. This follows on the great success of Texas activists in getting the legislature to vote for panic buttons in offices. Much more of this, Bloomberg can quit spending his money and just let misguided OC activists handle everything.

“This is a culture war, folks,” said Blake.  “They don’t like what we do.”

Politico: “The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership.” I say drop the writers off in the worst neighborhood in Detroit, and then see how they feel about defensive gun ownership. You’ll see a lot more of this. The left is scared to death of the trent in public opinion, and they will use their media allies to do whatever they can to reverse it.

Why the CDC isn’t funding anti-gun propaganda.

Demographics is not destiny. It’s worth noting that Bush managed to get a significant chunk of the Hispanic vote ten years ago. Parties get cocky and arrogant at their own risk.

Conservatives battling Comcast. My act of defiance against Comcast’s evil was to cut the cord. Don’t give them money. There’s nothing worth watching on TV these days anyway.

6 thoughts on “News Links for Wednesday 1-21-2014”

  1. That “The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership” article is written by the “Armed with Reason” guys. They love to throw out lots of words and lots of stats that mean nothing.

  2. The open carry nutjobs are already spewing anger and idiocy at anyone who dares to question the imbeciles in Washington state. It’s the usual libertarian crap about hating freedom, we’re all facists who are anti-2a, and that we’re Constitution hating sheeple that need to WAKE UP.

    Nice to see Michael Bane try out a Hebdo-style simulation. Unfortunately Farago got all the attention, and no one cares anymore. He’s now saying the media outlets he invited misinterpreted everything and that they’re not presenting the whole truth. What else did he think would happen?

    1. It is incredibly frustrating to me that both extremes of this issue can’t grasp the term, “BRANDISHING,” and understand that it’s f*cking illegal when you are not threatened, and perfectly legal if you are. I really don’t think parading around in a state house constitutes, “threatened.” But I’m funny like that.

  3. Why did you recycle the DC report from 11/2014? What is the current status of the DC contempt trial now that the new mayor has put her hatred of guns AND her intent to stall any compliance with the law in writing?

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