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Familypalooza is now over, and despite the Friday after New Years this year, realistically this is when everyone is returning to work. The important thing for me is that I get to eat ham, and eat ham I did. Jews and Muslims really have no idea what they are missing. Especially the spiral cut hams that come with the glaze packets that fixes things up real nice. Now to clear out my tabs so I can start the week anew:

Over the holidays, #ImBlockedByShannonWatts became all the rage. Hey, looks like I’m blocked too!

Shocker: Wendy Davis was faking it.

Gun control groups move their attention to the states. There have been a lot of puff pieces in the media about gun control being on the ascendancy. It’s almost like someone is trying to drive a narrative. Of course, this is only because Bloomberg is willing to dump millions into it. When Bloomberg does it, it’s good. When the Koch brothers do it, EVIL!

Another Shocker: Looks like ATF was trying to use Fast and Furious to justify gun control after all. Unfortunately, because the media is willing to run cover, none of this will amount to a hill of beans. I believe the media is now a bigger threat to the Republic than any single segment of American society.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Eliminating the ATF would be horrible for gun rights. We’d have absolutely no control over the FBI, and they would be free to run roughshod over our rights, and they would do so competently.

From Washington State: Self-defense is a constitutional right.

Why are NRA people such awful Americans? Dave Hardy looks at burial places of past NRA Presidents. Most frequent place? Arlington National Cemetery. Three were awarded CMH, two Navy Crosses, and a Silver Star. Really, they only care about their gun fetish.

Much hand wringing going on in our pacific territories about the possibility that they might have to follow the Constitution.

Not that this doesn’t exist in the shooting sports, but I’ll say it again: Hunters are their own worst enemies.

Mass killing in Australia. But because there was no gun involved, I doubt it will quash the narrative that the Australian gun ban stopped mass killing in its tracks, and was thus hugely successful. Also, a mass shooting in Canada.

Attorney Joshua Prince is keeping a running tally of local municipalities in Pennsylvania which are looking at repealing their illegal gun ordinances. It looks very promising.

Gun control groups seem happy to be rid of pro-gun Democrats. That’s all well and good, but remember they had to embrace gun rights and blue dogs to get back to a majority in 2006. How many times to Dems have to be convinced that gun control is a loser for them?

The anti-gun writers seem to be engaging more in social signaling than in argument.” It’s always been about that. They’ve never wanted a discussion. They just want to revel in their delusions of being better human beings than we are.

I’d really like to know more about how Master Card was willing to screw us. Makes me glad I only use Discover.

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  1. Of those not buried at Arlington, a bunch were Civil War Union officers…Winfield Scott Hancock was a general. And then there’s Ulysses Simpson Grant–twice elected President of the United States.

  2. Regarding Shannon Watts being blocked:
    I’ve been blocked (proudly) on FB by Ceasefire-PA,Every-town and Moms demand Action both national and local. All I did was ask some simple questions. I kept it simple so they could understand but they didn’t.My statements were easy to understand,but that didn’t help either. They only want to hear themselves.
    Watts is one big hypocrite.

  3. Re: ATF/FBI
    members realized that federal regulatory action requires strict congressional oversight, he said. “Congress has a history of not challenging the FBI.”

    Congress has a long and glorious history of worthless, ineffective and ignored oversight.
    The only difference between the ATF and the FBI on state levels – the level that affects just about everyone – is that the FBI is on the third floor and ATF is just down the hall.
    ATF is easier to control.
    Really?? Prove it!!

    1. ATF doesn’t have J. Edgar Hoover’s legacy of spying on legislators hanging over it. When “oversight” means pissing off a large federal agency that has a long history of finding and filing your dirty laundry, you’re less likely to engage in “oversight” than you are if it instead means simply pissing off a far smaller agency that EVERYONE loves to hate.

      Also, the fact that many of the regulations in place are arbitrary and capricious, both facially and by enforcement, does not make a transfer of authority from a smaller corrupt agency to a larger more efficient & consistent one a change likely to enhance our position.

      For example, as it stands now, the BATFE can pull an FFL over a single “violation” by said FFL. The 4473 is literally nothing but potential violations: In practice, ~72 potential violations for the transfer of a single firearm. Per the regs, something as innocuous as a customer misspelling his middle name (Micheal instead of Michael) is enough for the ATF to revoke an FFL’s license.

      I would go so far as to say that there is no FFL in the country that does NOT have several violations in it’s stored 4473s. As such, the BATFE could conceivably revoke every single FFL in the country tomorrow if they wanted to.

      Frankly, given the nature of the regulations in question, I prefer enforcement remain in the hands of a small, arbitrary, and capricious agency.

  4. The spiral sliced hams are ok, but for a good ham you need one of the old style hams with the skin and fat still on them. Slow cooked (8-10 hours) – they don’t need glaze and they don’t need spices, just slice and eat. Wonderful. That was our Christmas ham this year.

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